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A Reviving Love: A Spiritual Prompt Part 1

                                     Chantelle sat admiring what she had become in the mirror. Glancing down at here nails, she smiled. Looking back up, she touched her smooth milk chocolate clear skin, as the dark circles that used to be around her eyes were disappearing. Grazing her finger over her edges that were now curly and full for her natural hair curl pattern along with a thickness and fullness like never before was in full effect. Her body was regaining its tone figure of muscles and cut up abs... she was certainly feeling herself, for indeed she was flourishing into a beautiful flower. Representing every bit of black girl magic.    Smiling she said aloud, "Good God, you sure do love your daughter and you have kept your promise that I would prosper unto a kingdom for indeed you have entered into a covenant with me making me yours. For when I look now, all that I have I know it is you my Heavenly Father that has blessed me, provided for me and has given me the str

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