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The Origin of SheBillionaire of Wall Street

Today is February 2, 2022, and for a reason greater than myself I choose today, well actually tonight because its 11ish pm and here I am editing a draft I came across dated from July 5, 2019, with a time log of 8:28pm...    ...That was the thing about SJ, she wasn't your average individual or in the case of this matter Founder/SheBillionaire of Wall Street. She entered into the Wolf of Wall Street scenery as each step brought her closer to a new height. New heights indeed were the targeted aim but honestly, she didn't see this on the horizon. Did her ambitious nature lead her here or was it just sheer destiny?  The walk in her step as an air of wealth shifted through each confident stride. No, she didn't literally hold a background in finance yet her past sure did. This is what made her who she is now and honestly speaking, it all was working for her good and so shall this too. Greetings of good morning poured upon her filling her cup until it ran

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