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Friday Opera

  Though my day was not as yet over, I sat in a cozy airy corner in Bryant Park surrounded by greenery and the relaxing and creative sounds of Opera and I thought, "It's the behind the scenes moments for me. These behind the scenes special moments are one part of what makes the journey more miraculous, so dynamic, and just supernaturally empowering that how could one ever even think of quitting?! I sat legs crossed, posed with indignity for this trip around a dream coming true was rooted in sheer faith, grounded in true belief that this writer, self published author, producer, content creator, woman of God, and so much more than meet the eyes without a doubt is standing on every promise that God has for her. Not only am I standing on it but I got my foot on it and daily I am intentionally taking land, my promise land, the inheritance just for me and my family. It's a pursuit like none other and not for the faint of heart. A smooth wind flows in... The live sounds and peopl

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