Writing Prompt: A Million-Dollar Solution in NYC

This has to be the place. I had promptly left my hotel suite at The Plaza and walked out into the nice August summer air to meet with Dominique at the Rose Lane which from google maps was in walking distance. I had only been in the city that never sleeps for an hour and I was already out venturing off.  But in the line of being a journalist, the story must go on.


Upon entering, the stone pathway and feel gave way to a taste of Havana, I could easily see why Dominque would choose such the place to meet. It was quaint, out the way and had an air of wealth. All the right ingredients for the perfect recipe to land an amazing story. Dominque had been all over the news after being capture by paparazzi on his mega-yacht with billionaire heiress Tamia though he had been happily married to Susan for more than 10 plus years. He called in a favor, to tell his side of the story and clear up all rumors with me as lead taking care of damage control. Something my mechanical expertise was wired to do.

Who was I, one might acquire to know? I was a solutionist. An Olivia Pope of the sort one might compare to. I was the person that got things fixed. That sort out the dirty little details and secrets of some of the wealthiest human beings on the planet. Who was I, let's just say a ghost you would gag at the chance to see me.


Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl



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