The Poetic Pondering Of A Self-Published Black Author

They smooth indeed;
Flip it right back on us and still rocking us to sleep.
Still selling slaves ha' and we still acting like clowns and gladly we can't wait to entertain ha'.
Dressed up characters dancing around;
Disguised as social media players with the most likes out of the barrel yet still crabbing proud.
Going viral for playing the fool;
yet still not owning 40 acres or a mule.
They smooth... indeed.
I won't suspect this to get too many likes but I have to proceed. 
They created a platform where they sell us and we just collect likes;
as their stocks rank up flipping it like the bank.
If we engage more during this purge...
Oops, I mean this new world order merge...
My people, we have to get free;
because they smooth, they smooth...indeed.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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