Yes, that’s right, and that’s how I am currently feeling at 5:20am without an ounce of sleep. An Author experiencing much Attitude with such the tone that it has caused my sleep or lack there of, to be completely off and as of a result I am now powered up to such the high voltage that I’m just wired off of excitement, dreams turning into reality and bigger dreams unfolding right in front of my face. 

Like, is this too big for me? Can I really pull off this idea that’s been so strategically downloaded in the given time with all the given requirements that is needed to pull it off with? Clearly it is for God indeed blessed me with such the idea. 

Feeling like King David, waiting in the cave before the move, yet, I sense a bit of fear of sought. I wonder why? Oh, let’s see, maybe it’s because words do have power. Or maybe, it’s because I have asked and it has been given unto me. 

I have set myself with the task of completing this short story in yet another record breaking time. The entire play is laid out mentally from start to finish. When I overview the brilliant design, it just aligns perfectly. Yet, I believe I’m not moving as quick as I should be. Ok, I must admit that yes indeed I am a bit fearful of this particular move. 

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the attitude and truth of it. Could be that it’s tangible and realistic...matter of fact it’s such the noted move of truth that one would win a journalistic award if interviewed. Deep like the roots of the south and there’s no heat in the house so turn the stove on and put a pot of water in. Touching as a mother’s late night prayers as she cries in secret on bended knees... pleads for better days and for her husband to be home from his unwanted vacation stay. Heart felt like the youngin on the corner knowing inwardly he’s better than that but if he doesn’t make a sale he won’t have any clothes on his back... so it’s the selling of packs he must attack. And that’s just a fact!

Raw enough to conjure up an impeachment on racism in this so called land of freedom...

Authoritude, you get it now? Telling the truth within no lines, no boxes or gloves. Frankly spoken, that no rules will apply on this one and if I can find the synergy of it all, I can mix quite the potion. Maybe love can be the resounding notion, the show of cause when it’s all said and done. 

Whatever the state my orders have been given and I’m in execution mood. Amongst fighting many distractions. The count down is real, maybe that’s why I am up sitting here trying to verbally vent some of the Authoritude off with my pen. 

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl 


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