Friday Truth Sings Its Own Tune

That was it. It wasn't because of the materials that one could attain or the status but it was your destiny. You wondered what it was from the beginning. Almost seeming as if it was some secret that no matter the rumors you heard or the stories told you still couldn't crack its code...but you did. You found out in your brokenness when you were financially broke when you breathed and slept that it still remained yet with intensity. 
See you got it now, you surrendered and got still enough to hear the instructions and obedient enough to follow through. Your plate wasn't too full. You were eating on your level baby. 
You understood that you were more than just some person here killing time but a brand, a product, such service to the people. A collectible token might I add with an enormous amount of value.
You are talented and loving, an angel walking in the flesh you are beloved. 
The timing is just right as each tune of the sound is aligned... more than jazz... more than rhythm and blues, darling you can't lose. For it is written you see. This is why you believe and achieve when you move by faith. Not blinded by sight so you don't fret the fight.
You are the reason why your ancestors sit!!! 

This was it. 
Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl
Shayvonne C, Jenkins


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