The Last Thanksgiving of The Decade

I awoke fresh faced, immediately going to my phone and checking social media, emails, and then to play a brain game for mental stimulation. As I lay, no sun shining through the window, I seemed to drift into a state that had come down upon me once again in the same month despite my many victories and breakthroughs.

Hours had passed, when I received my first happy thanksgiving text from one of my sisters in Christ. I frankly replied and the next message would shift not just our conversation but how I viewed the war and seemingly this decade and yes I said the war. Because in fact, I had been under extreme attack and it didn’t seem to happen until this certain book came to thought to write. At first, I first, I was experiencing writers block you know, but I know now it’s way deeper than that. Possibly it could seem to be the answer if I only were merely writing for money and fame but my reason was beyond such mere things...

What happen next, triggered a to do activity for today. Words indeed and much power and my sister in Christ knew just that, so when you sent her next message with vivid and confident authority declaring that some times you have the war with the devil for your sister, my attention and mood instantly shifted. "Sometimes you  must step in on behalf of your sister and go to war with the enemy" I kept re-reading it over and over again and then I spoke it aloud. the more I pondered on what that could look like and the mindset of my sister a tear escape from my eye and I rose up in the bed. It was no way I could continue to lay down and over view all that I had been through in this passing decade good and bad, defeats and victories. I got up and got myself together. I was going on a run. I just wanted to run on this last Thanks Giving of the decade.

When you think of it its just not any thanksgiving but the last one in this decade. What could I do on this day that would position me for continued greatness and shake this ill feeling that so was trying its hardest to bound me up? What could I do on this last Thanks Giving of not only this year but also this decade?

Upon being dressed, I too felt like I was joining my sister for the war that was currently being against me. I too had suited up and was once again going to battle but as I believer, I knew my weapon of warfare was very different...

I pressed play into my music playlist and let the beat, bass and vibration of "For motivational purposes only" set the tone to this claimed victory. The sound was so strong that my feet just took off immediately, not waiting to reach the track. I was off and soon entering the space were i could go to war without distraction. the first three laps released all tension, depression and lack. the fourth lap which i walked was the preparing of a lawless victory. I walked with power, purpose and position, knowing whose I was and who I am. By the time I got to the 7th lap I was yelling "I'm on a new level which triggered a declaration of prosperity, favor, blessings, health, wealth, more positivity, new York times best selling author, amazon best selling author, I am here to break generational curses and words that all were not just for the building of me but for the binding of anything that was up against me. I too knew words had power and I also knew the word of God. My weapons were not physical but mighty in pulling down strongholds...

I cut through the grass with aches in my thighs and a refreshed mental state. I had never experienced anything like that ran ever. I didn't care who saw me because if they did I would hope it would inspire them and trigger a domino effect to win the battle. i had experienced much in this decade, my words and choices had set a course for who I am today in within that alone I am grateful for not just the experience but to be still standing in tact and in my right frame of mind, as a whole Woman of God! who now is making decisions to position and path not just my family but others too.

Today is a day that should be celebrated everyday in which everyday is a day to arise and give thanks. Showing genuine gratitude and gratefulness. It is not just one day when the entire family gathers but it should be often that the family gathers to celebrate and engage and give thanks for all that they have.

Today, is the last Thanks Giving of this decade, make it one that will set the stage for your greatness and show of gratefulness.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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