Queen, Come Unto Yourself!

"Another Mother's Day is upon me oh boy,  I can just imagine how social media will be filled with all sorts of beautiful pictures and videos of mother's with there children and gifts from their husbands and children and look at me still in the process not being able to provide for my son or be all that I know I can be." Rachal thought as she looked upon herself in the mirror.


Rachal had chosen to leave a life of crime behind to follow after God, and honestly she thought it would be an instant victory but to her surprise what she found was herself in something that is called "The Process" not sure exactly when hers would end or when would she finally attain the victory. She indeed was a good woman, though "The Process" had broken her more than she could had ever imagined. I mean she had decades of living in the world that had to come off of her in order to rest in what God had promised for her so she continued and pushed on despite the trails, tests and challenges seeking after God with her whole heart believing the promises of God, standing on the promises of God and holding on to the vision God had gave her. She knew it would come to pass she just wasn't sure when exactly that is until...

"Rachal my dear how are you wow look at you, you look amazing my God!" Savannah said in awe of how beautiful and glowing Rachal had become. 

"I am great Savannah and thank you for the compliment I most certainly receive that upon my life but the glory goes to God" Rachal responded smiling for it most certainly did.

"My God yes glory to God, what have you been up to lady?!" rushing to know exactly what she really was up to.

"Well, just completing the instructions that God has given me pertaining to my life, staying in the word in everyway, and honestly just building and working behind the scenes, I wouldn't want to blossom before my time you know" Rachal stated thinking back on a few times she tried to jump ahead of God due to putting too much attention into what others were doing on social media and believing she had to be doing just as much or more instead of allowing God to complete his work in her and bring her forth in his time and not hers.

"Girl, I know that's right!" Savannah stated but couldn't get over how good Rachal looked, it had been a while since she physically seen her besides on social media but to her surprise she actually looked better than before and something was most certainly different about her too, she must be up to her old ways secretly and you know how money makes you look so good" she thought as she continued. "So, girl you said you've been working behind the scenes and building? Building what?! I've been watching you on social media do your thing and I am very proud of you but like honestly what are you actually doing behind the scenes. Girl spill the real tea and put a sister on?" eager to know her secret or secrets.

"Well, Savannah it's God, like really God through the Holy Spirit guiding me to the best version of myself and that happens on the inside first, in the mind. God, literally had to renew my mind and I literally had to submit my will for His will to be done in my life. I pray you are able to receive what I am about to tell you, and I pray that it also brings you to the best version of yourself too for the glory of God." 


 Look at Gawd! Here I stand the day before Mother's Day whole, healed, in alignment with God and entering into my "Promise Land" one flowing with milk and honey. My crown is and this time it wasn't a comeback but I am restored! Glory to God! Restoration is my portion and the power there of, I had finally through diligently and faithfully seeking the Kingdom of God and his righteousness come unto myself! My true self! I know summer is quickly approaching and it may seem like its going to be a hot girl summer but the devil is a liar it is not its about to be a Queen, come unto yourself and put your crown on and represent the Kingdom of God as you were created to do type of summer! Yessss!

"Happy Mother's Day Queen now let's show them what a Woman of God walking in her purpose, dressed in godly excellence and class, dripping in her royal priesthood, taking authority and  dominion is all about!" Rachal spoke aloud as she smiled at her new self."


                                                        TO BE CONTINUED...

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl

Special Note: To all the mother's that may seem that you are not at your best currently fret not, let me tell you something God is still on the throne and loves you so much and yes your child and/or children were given unto you as a precious gift to care for because he knew before hand the wonderful the mother that you were created to be. The devil has tricked you and fought you because of your destiny and what you carry inside of you but God has come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. God has come to restore you to whom he has created you to be from the beginning. It is not too late. Seek God, seek God with your whole heart and being and watch you come unto yourself Queen. Happy Mother's Day!


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