Restored Alignment In Royalty

She smiled and so did he. Honestly speaking what they both had been seeking, they believed it to be so by their faith. Mere followers in need of something true and real. Tired of the world's stuff yet in the midst, there was some stuff. Some stuff worth fighting for. Some stuff worth being obedient and remaining decent about and yes it was true they both had been hurt. They both had been disappointed but when they felt the power of real love come down they knew that in the midst of all the stuff in the world it was still possible.

You see, they weren't looking at it through naturals eyes anymore and because of it, they saw that which only some could see. They were indeed witnesses in this world of stuff without any of the bluffs, for it was more then what was led to believe...

He wanted to experience all this love... such unconditional it was and is. Piercing through every mistake, hurt, cause, harm, shame, pain, low-self esteem, and anything else that wasn't deemed to be fit for a proper man to be. Correcting in detail yet loving enough to prevail. He went from broken down to a King with a Crown.

Bust down without the thotiania clothed in all her Royal Garments. Dripping in favor serving it with warm nourishment. Filled with words that spoke life and that which could slay death. The very essence of her was blessed.

Little did either of the two know that before they were created there was one who knew. Knew all that they could be and that which would part take.  Their paths aligned for such the time. The time where the two would be joined together as one unit under one covenant. For the love of it all as an example that it can be done and by this way... won.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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