A Reviving Love: A Spiritual Prompt Part 1


   Chantelle sat admiring what she had become in the mirror. Glancing down at here nails, she smiled. Looking back up, she touched her smooth milk chocolate clear skin, as the dark circles that used to be around her eyes had disappeared. Grazing her finger over her edges that were now curly and full for her natural hair curl pattern along with a thickness and fullness like never before was in full effect. Her body was regaining its toned figure of muscles and cut up abs... she was certainly feeling herself, for indeed she was flourishing into a beautiful flower and one that represented every bit of black girl magic.

   Smiling she said aloud, "Good God, you sure do love your daughter and you have kept your promise that I would prosper into a kingdom for indeed you have entered into a covenant with me making me yours. For when I look now, all that I have I know it is you my Heavenly Father that has blessed, provided and have given me the strength to create wealth."

   Tears flooded her eyes as she thought back on how far she had come and all that she had been through. The process, the pruning, the breaking to be re-built, the renewing of her mind which in all took her 4 years and she was only just now seeing herself go from a thought of a seed to actually being planted in this good soil... on this sturdy foundation of God.

   "Even a plant needs the proper care of watering and sunlight to flourish and grow strong. Daily Lord you have done this even in my impatience and complaints during tests. But God, look at me now, I don't look like nothing that I have been through and as dope as I am you're still not done with me yet." Amen!


   When I first saw her, I knew there was something different about her. Something that wasn't on display or on the sales rack like the world so boldly promoted. It was something that made me proud that I had took a vow to be a Man after God's own heart and wait patiently until... until now. Now that I know indeed she is the one that God not only created but designed and fashioned her just for me. I'd admit, there were times when I thought it was almost impossible to refrain from sex and seek God with my whole heart. I confess that there were times in struggle that I just wanted that fly looking sexy girl but soon as I would attempt to approach, I would hear just as softly, "Not yet, wait, you are not ready yet. I still have work to do." Work to do, I would think what work, I am not fornicating, drinking, or clubbing. I am a President of one of the top prestigious investment firms securing my steady financial income, and I attend bible study and church services regularly like what more needs to be done?" But indeed I would find out that surely there was more work within me needing to be refined into gold...

   That was until a brother of mines invited me to be of service at a church event where they needed some extra hands and there she was, just shining radiantly. I had never witness anything like it before. Here she was fully clothed and covered yet with a classy appeal that still let the world know she was all woman. I watched her as she diligently helped and moved with such the pep in her step serving vibrantly and willingly.

   Don't get me wrong, I had seen many women in church and as I visited other churches as well, but I had never witness anything like this before. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I made sure to check that she wasn't wearing a wedding ring which she wasn't. Oddly as this may seem, I noticed how popular she was. Check that out, popular in the Lord. I wondered... what her story was. I wanted to introduce myself to her just to see what would happen, but I knew when I first laid eyes on her she was the one.


   "Girl, I'm telling you, you are in your prime, your business is popping and your glow up is real, I don't know how you're doing this but you better get you a man girl." said Rhonda trying to convince her childhood girlfriend that she needed to start dating already.

   "Girl, I just don't want any man you see, nor will I be the one doing the getting, for you know it is he who finds... Rhonda jumped in "A Wife! Finds a good thing and attains favor from the Lord" yes girl I know that scripture by heart and I can certainly thank you for that" as they both busted out laughing.

   "So, since you're so bright then you know that I will continue to wait until I hear from God. Even though, it was times of weakness where I felt lonely and as if no one wanted a woman that was following after God." Chantelle thought to herself, but had past those tests and understood that if she had not meet her Boaz as of yet then God was still preparing her and from the looks of it she didn't have a problem with that.

   "Well, girl you know I love you its just I want to see you married living the perfect fairytale, if anyone deserves it, it is most certainly you!"

   "Yes, the perfect fairytale very true. It's coming, I can just feel it. Anyway boo, let me get going I have to be at this visiting church today where I am lending a helping hand at this event. I will call you when I am done maybe if you're not busy we can have dinner."

   "Sounds like a plan to me girl, you have a wonderful day at the church event maybe Ruth will meet her Boaz today."

   "Maybe girl, maybe" Chantelle said as she blushed at just the thought of it before hanging up.


"My brother are you serious? You've said this before and got your bro all excited for your happiness." said Anthony as he listened closely to Adonis speak highly of this particular lady.

"Yes, man. I am telling you she is the one, it's almost as if I am called to her." Adonis said watching the beauty at work.

"Well then, the billion dollar question is have you asked God is she the one?"

"That indeed is the most important question and first move my good brother." as he contemplated a bit for he had not.

"Bro, did you ask God?!" Anthony asked again with such an eagerness that he continued. "Bro, ok clearly the answer is no, you have not asked God, so you know what, ring me back once you do and let's see if the conversation will be the same. Love you man, but stay focused, remember, seek ye first the kingdom and everything, everything man shall be added unto you." Anthony stated as he ended the call immediately.

"My bro is right, I got so caught up with her light, how she looked and how diligently she was working that I immediately left God out and claimed her as my Ruth. I just want to spoil a good woman of God you know, one with that Kingdom Mindset who brings favor to me through her being that good thing. Continuing the care that my Lord and Savior was providing her with as stated in the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 16 verses six to fourteen, and yet, I have skipped the most important part to the entire recipe, God and doing that could put me in an impossible situation."

"Heavenly Father, please forgive me for not seeking your approval first when I know better, but Lord I have never seen such a presence before but nevertheless, you are who I seek first and who I belong to. I have come this far with you and I am not going to leave you now. It is not my will but your will that will be done but I know your word for I know the plans I have for you, plans of a hope and a future, to give me life and give me life more abundantly, giving me the desires of my heart and a helpmate. For indeed an excellent wife is the crown of her husband, so I trust in you my Lord, leaning not on my own understanding for if indeed it is your will I know that nothing is impossible with you my God but All Things Are Possible with you my Father God.  So, I ask, is she the one?"...

                                                               TO BE CONTINUED


Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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