Behind Every Great Fortune Lies A Great Crime


The Dagger

Mark slipped right pass the conceirge. How could one know he wasn't a residence. Dripped in Chanel from head to toe reaping of wealth, moving about as if he belonged there when in all actuality that was the complete opposite.

The Alexandre, home of new money indeed, with its social media influencers and new it girls along with some familair faces too. Its presence spoke that money was not only the building but it was in the building and if that was the case Mark was in his element. Tall enough to be noticed, yet short enough for his charm, demeanor and wit to usher him into the grandest doors.

It is said that behind every great fortune lies a great crime. Mark was quite wealthy for a young Harlem player growing up to drug addicted parents but not by choice, that was a crime in itself. Known as Young Mark, he had afforded himself the luxury to be raised up in the finest private schools Manhattan had to offer allowing him the charity of a full scholarship granting access into the finest homes money could aquire. Utilizing his rare looks and intelligence he played their game as if he invented it himself.

The Cloak

Sophia was casually laying in a tub of champagne and lavender oil as she sipped on a tonic with an olive. Her skin tone of being a bi-racial blend had given her features that money could not afford. She existed in every bit of the meaning "I know my worth & because of it I Am Value", authorizing her own game. That is until her path crossed Mark's. She had never meet such the spirit, such the likes of a human and since there encounter its become a partnership that has yet to grace the earth. Sophia was expecting his prompt arrival and and his yes to an offer he surely would not turn down.

"I'm getting wealthy, billionairish vibes and why wouldn't I, she very well knows my palate" Mark thought to himself as he stepped off the 6th floor. I must admit, this building gives me life, though I'm such the estate type of esquire I can totally see having a pad here without cause.

"Darling, you're prompt just like I like it, come come we have much to chat about. Grab a cocktail why won't you" Sophia spoke out as she exited the tub, skin glowing as she wrapped herself in an exclusive white velour and satin robe around her petite frame. Passing the vanity she reached for the Champaca Essential Oil. (An oil that goes for $2,256 an ounce.) Squeezing a few drops into her hands she smoothly began to run her fingers through her golden tresses...

"Do tell already because this suspense is turning me on and if you don't we might become more than just business partners."

"Ha!, that would never work nor happen. Now come, sit by momma so I can bless you today."

"Bless me huh? Ha! very well, give a call to Berdoff Goodman first, let your Personal Shopper know that I will be arriving in about two hours and have them pull out the new Men's Collection for me."

"Done darling" as Sophia reached for her phone and effortlessly pressed a button.

"Ms. Sophia how are you today?" the Personal Shopper spoke.

"I'm quite well, my darling friend Mark will be entering the building within 2 hours, please have your new Men's Collection ready for him and whatever else his needs desire please arrange for his avail."

"Most certainly, Ms. Sophia" she spoke as she snapped her finger signaling an assistant promptly.

"Perfect" as Sophia ended the call looking into Mark eyes. "You know how I play baby. All wealth moves over here now let's get down to it, you have an appointment to keep in two hours. And while you're down there you will enter into the private Vanderbilt bank. You will see someone by the name of Tom and from there Tom will hand you two envelopes along with one key that will give you access to a safe deposit box that you will empty its contents. Upon completion, you will have a car awaiting your exit that will take you to the residence of a Venny Berch at his Estate in Long Island. You will sit down with Mr. Berch signing a few documents in exchange for two envelopes, a Ferrari key and a code. You will then exit his estate in said Ferrari and drive back here to retrieve me where I will be done with my spa treatment and lunch meeting. Now carry on darling you have much to do."

"Excuse me, since when did I become your errand boy?" Mark spoke in such a tone for he was not used to being ordered about in such a way.

"Darling, you're kidding certainly? You must be, because the last I checked it was my father that took a liking to you and brought you up out of that ghetto, where you meet me and I have not nor my family have lead you astray since. If I send for you in this manner you know it is major and the only person who could pull this off is you. No worries you're not on the mission alone. Oh, and make Mr. Berch hand you that painting that hangs in his office behind his desk. Now, chop chop my best, you can't be late and to put a smile on your face have the car swing by Harry Winston or Bulgari your choice. Pick you up something nice and rich. Smooches, now hurry, I have a car awaiting downstairs for you so leave me that wonderful Aston Martin key darling. That toy is such the perfect accessory for today's lunch."

Mark didn't utter a word but placed his car key in Sophia's hand smiled and quickly made his exit. He knew this was major and that she was right, he was the only person who could pull it off. Mark had become the to-go-person from such these arrangements and because of it he was the most highly sort after esquire. For his name precedes him.

The Exchange

"Sir, we are scheduled on time for your meeting with Mr. Berch. Will you be needing any of your belonging or will everything be going to your Park Avenue residence?" Norman the driver asked.
Pausing for a moment, Mark pondered if he should have everything sent to his Penthouse or should these items be forwarded to his home in Alpine. "Actually, Yes send everything to my Penthouse."

"Very well Sir, we will be arriving in promptly 15 minutes. Ms. Sophia has this for you, for after this point you will be alone until you are off the estate" as he handed him a gentlemen's gun.

"Entertaining but please inform her that I thought the added silencer was very proper but a true gentlemen never walks alone" Mark stated as he reached into his inner jacket pocket and showed him what a true gentlemen's gun looked like.

"Sir, a pen?" the driver asked in much confusion though its green color and gold frame spoke of a richness.

"Ah, yes, I cherish the concern in both your tone and facial expression and though I'm not one to prove I will say this: This pen yes, The Four Seasons 18 carat-gold Pen to be exact, changes color to reflect the changes in seasons, green for spring or in this case wealth. 33 ever created, each carrying a $33,000 original asking price but the cost would be higher now-if one can find avail. So, you see I am quite eqipped to handle said any task in proper form and fashion" Mark stated as he exited the vehicle without another word. For he had been raised in such an atmosphere where violence was the norm and the carrying of arms were proudly worn as a badge of honor even amongst men of dishonor. Stolen lives over greed and envy had torn not only Mark's family apart but countless others. For he is whom he is today because of it all and because of it, his gentlemen's gun was more than just some pen to the naked eye. Yes, indeed it was exactly what he had explained and expressed to the driver but behind all the exclusive luxury lied one of the most silent deadly weapons a gentlemen could ever have in his position...


Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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