Picture Worth 1000 Lives Lived

We've all heard the saying "A Picture is worth a thousand words" but this picture of me taken at the Blockchain Tech Summit 2019 Event at Microsoft is "Worth 1000 Lives Lived."

From this picture, the statement may be brought into question and I accept the compliment.

Here I am, a daughter of the Great I Am That I Am. A Soldier with a rank of a Champion’s Champion. Queen status, A heart of a lion and a mind aligned with a soul on purpose, walking in my purpose.

No more mere surviving but now thriving and living life through new eyes and ears. Not ashamed to speak the truth and listen to take in the knowledge of light.

Did I see myself becoming, evolving and growing into this woman, this Woman of God, this Woman of Purpose? On purpose, I move forward, steps ordered and aligned in greatness to serve for a bigger purpose.

Blessed to be a blessing. Engaging with truth, knowledge and the way for others to enjoy a life of living without the stressing. 

A young black girl, born and raised in a Mecca called Harlem. Trained up in the projects.
Darling, I am war-ready. Battle-tested and sure enough approved. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I say this picture is worth 1000 lives lived.

I experienced every emotion yet with the strength I remained devoted. Devoted to never giving up, given in or giving my vision away.

I play with words, words that I've had install in me since a child playing tennis on courts of the great Arthur Ashe. Dreams of becoming an author, living a life that could afford a house with spiral steps to sit on. I guess the 1 level I lived in apartment 1A in Harlem River Houses wasn't big enough. Big enough for my vision and imagination but without hesitation through the many lives and chapters, I've survived, I knew deep inside there had to be more.
The sun had to shine.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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