Part 3: Dunamis Power: Blood Moon


This soul isn’t for sale. The riches that you offer aren’t even on the scale...with. Makes no never mind anyhow for as above so shall it be right here on earth. 

"I see you have quite the liking to your all-white attire yet you walk in here dressed in all black like us. I thought you people of such magnificence came in the name of the glorious one. For you know dearly you will receive nor attain any of the such here" Lucy breathed in such a way her flames were felt. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that maybe I did come powerless, maybe I was all alone in this match without the presence to provide and protect. I had never felt this feeling before, this limit on power as I did right now. 

"I know your kind" she stated violently as she walked back and forth looking upwards. "The kind that wins a few battles over a few immortals coming to claim their dominions and proclaim your king in its place. I've seen generations after generations come and to their demise never leave. Powerless upon entry and if they may have but a bit of power that too was drained completely. I've held rank here and plan to for eternity. These doors shall never be open for you. Powers you will never attain nor will any in your generational lineage." 

And as sure as I was of what I thought I felt, something inside of me began to rise. Drawn upwards I was, as my eyes held fullness to the fourth blood moon through the glass ceiling. The rise continued in the inward parts of my souls being in such a way that its power illuminated instantly stopping the foul tongue in the air. My black turned into a halt presence of white light. A light so bright that all I saw was the glare of the presence of..., I immediately bowed to my knees. In a twinkling of an eye, I had changed. This fight was not mines any longer but of the Lord's...

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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