I Can See It In The Spirit


You got to see it in the spirit, indeed I, SJ saw just that. My direction had been the same, to be a New York Times Best Selling Author. That had not changed but on my journey of becoming that which I sort after. I was constantly changing... evolving and being stripped from the old self. Words framed as God himself were my potter and I merely the clay. Intriquitly fashioning me for more than likes and views; today I’m wearing this power business color hue of blue. 

Yes, indeed. I went from struggling to thriving living life by not my means but God you see. I can see how that might draw questions and possibly concern. In regards, I am to prove through my journey at times tests are hard but by far I’m living on the cattle on a thousand hills multiplied by blessings of obedience you see I’m inherited win. 

So, when I started seeing the life I desired in the spirit more often I knew I couldn’t get tired. I couldn’t miss an ordained opportunity, appointment or assigned assignment. 

I woke up like wow it’s 12:45pm and yet, I have a call time for 3:15pm on set. I couldn’t be late. My days were productive and full. A huge change if I were to jog backward four/five months but amazingly I knew all of this was to come. 

I greeted God and gave thanks for waking me up as well as requested the assistance of the Holy Spirit in guiding me on today’s journey. Ordering my steps, I grabbed the needed things and ran to the bathroom. Setting my hair in hot rollers I quickly caught a glimpse of me in a huge luxurious home owned bathroom mirror. Just a quick glimpse. I had been really receiving these glimpses lately. Was it a sign of things to come? It most certainly was. 

I had a target idea of two dream homes. The 1st was my very own for my son and I and the 2nd well, that was which of a married lifestyle one which would house my husband, my family, I and generations to come. Both I was to be the woman of the house and both I had a desired look and appeal for its interior as well as exterior design. 

I had begun to see in the spirit more often, glimpses of my life to come but not just see but hear and hear very well. I had completely let go and surrendered to something more greater than myself, something that took all the restraints off and unlocked all of the prison doors. Giving me access, supernatural favor, confidence, grace, poise, purpose, meaning, a calling, an assignment and though I can continue on, I will pause and let this simmer in your spirit. Each one of these couldn’t be brought. There was no price you could pay (NO MONETARY PRICE) that is, to attain them. 

Could I have imagined that on my journey, one that I wasn’t even aware of, that I would experience such the gift... such the present? No, but I did know and always knew from a child that I was different and how I saw was evidence to that. 

I had been granted the role as the restorer, a redeemer of the sort to my family, community and the streets. I had been sworn in literally, right hand to God to spread love, light, life, and the truth. I too saw this in the spirit 5 years ago but denied the call. Upright yelled out No! at the glimpse of it, yet here I stand today doing that which I denounced those years ago. 

The time is 2:45pm. Will I make it for the set call time? I most certainly will. I sat writing as the wheels on the iron horse stretched with the noise of its turning. There was always a turn, and if you listen close enough you can see and feel the coming of it in the spirit. 

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl 


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