Indeed The Year Is New, So Let Me Add To It

As my Sister-In-Christ  said during her sermon "Same Me, New Year" it ceratinly the same me but most diffently a New Year indeed and with the New Year comes new things. For old things have passed away, behold all things are now new. With all of that being said, it January 2, 2019, the second day of the New Year and I'm better than ever. No Cap!!!! I was most excited about being on Documentary & Film Maker, Friend and Sister Chante & Friends Podcast this coming saturday. I have much to chat about and much to reveal.

For so long, I've been a stud earring type of gal but last year I was gifted with an amazing pair of 18Karat Gold and Diamond Hoop Earrings from The Commisioner as one of my birthday presents. He was so for my uprising of becoming a black woman of power, prestige, importance and excellence. His investment to the cause was certainly respected and honored. Though I rarely wore them especially since he notified me that I should only wear them in the evenings, for they were just that extravagent and lavish that one's evening attendance to all things grand would be a perfect paired combination with my attire. I awoke today with work on my mind, needing a fresh coat of nail polish on my fingers, fasting, 9 new followers on  research, my new house in Englewood Cliffs, my Aston Martin car, new connections and thousands and thousands in sales. Day 2 was starting off well indeed.

Well, lets get back to the earring thing, so while glancing quickly through the new followers I came across a new jewerly line named who first, let me give you some detail and very impressive homework on. Jose Hess started out as working as a goldsmith's apprentice. Desiring to learn more he studied at Gemological Insituite of America and the Mechanics Institute of New York. There's something about the word mechanics that does it for me. Nevertheless let me proceed. I'm getting to this new thing in a second. Jose professional accomplishments include numerous pregistious awards from the likes of DeBeers Diamonds International, American Gem Trade Association, and Japan Jewerly Designers Association. The list goes on and on but what really caught me eye was the fact that his wife was also his long time creative partner Magdalena and also a DeBeers Award Winner that opened up a new generation of woman concerned with timeless style. Their mission was GLAMOUR being the cornerstone or their designs. Hence my obbession with aquiring and gifting myself with the "Love Knot Diamond Earrings which were as my hoops also 18Karat 2 Diamonds 0.50CTS TW and for a my Red Carpet Walk as acknowledged New Literary It Girl the "Garden Lights Diamond Earrings 18Karta 10 Diamonds 1.40CTS TW. I had fallen in love instantly, though my traditional stud I still loved, I saw myself in dripped in complete elegance, clutch in hand, dazzling smile, head lifted up, and a praise in my heart.

They say pisces are dreamers, well let me be the first to dream big and bring it to reality but even bigger. God had a plan and had given me the winning strategy. I was gifted indeed. I opted for longer tresses for this new year yet remaining its golden and mixed highlights for effect. The stage was being set before me, from everday to red carpets. I wasn't being invested into to not yield a tangible  R.O.I. no not I. I was destined to fulfill to a standard and expectation of success and excellence that eyes have not seen nor ears have heard.

Sidebar: I have yet to clean myself up, I know, like how and why not which also has put a halt to my workout for they go hand and hand but sometimes you just wake up and go. Today was one of those wake up and go get things done type of days. I was blessed with duality. Able to produce behind the scenes virtually and able to collect the harvest in person from said work. Such as my manifesting which was done in the spiritual world then stepping into the physical bringing it to pass. Which brings me to new thing number 2, the Aston Martin Rapide S. I still don't know what it was or is about this car but we held a special and I mean special kind of respect and relationship for one another. Down to the very detail I had it all figured out. Interior dripped in pecan, can you just smell the leather. Exterior sealed with a Golden or Champagne kiss of Royalty. I was so engulfed that upon my coming home back in 2015 I began my search eventhough i was just really followering up because my quest had began from 2012. 4 years later its now ready for manfesitation via buying it flat out. Glory to God. How? How was this writer not turned New York Times Best Seller going to pull this off along with those Jose Hess Earring totaling to at least $7K, well by renedered services of course. I did say God gave me a winning strategy didn't I. It took me some time of course I had to grow into the person that held such big dreams. I had to become the reciever of things I wanted and needed for my life and family's as well. I had to lock down the meaning of obedience  and practice it by taking action. Standing on God's word and ways for my life. Hense the reason behind my glow, favor, blessings and wealth. It was all to the Glory of God you see. I merely, the used vessel for the mission. And just like that, I placed my customerized order in. I most certainly did!! Exterior: Selene Bronze, Wheel Type: 10 Spoke Dirctional Satin Champagne Diamond Turned and Interior: Dark Mocha.

Yes, that's my beauty not my customerized order but you get the manfesatation.

've learned that work also means reseach and study. Work does not always mean action or moving to attain and gain the needed desired thing. At times it takes our research allowing us preparation. Our study adding to our value and effectively strategizing out the plan in my case, God's plan. Yes, if you haven't figured out I am a million dollar writer hired by God. I decree things into existence not soley for bragging purposes but because I have been given the authority by God's word which I believe in and stand on. Take note: Job 22:28 "Thou shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways"  That is a promise, one that I stand on and you can too.
This is also the year of The Man & Woman of God. It is our time to rise with our God-Given talents to the forefronts of dominion. Standing on our righteousness and obedience being a very present help to all. It is a beautiful time in the world today. A time for men and women that stand on a solid and true foundation. So, that's my thing, that's the sauce that I'm bringing to the industry, to the entertainment business, into hollywood and wherever else God's sees fit for me to. It is time that the people of God show that yes you can have your hearts desires and have them by doing things the right way. By standing on integrity. Being honest and remaining pure in the process. 
So, comes my 3 new thing. This house in Englewood Cliffs, though I mentioned it prior I want to touch basis some more on it. My temple needs a temple that has a calm and clear presence of slience where I can create, empower, worship, pray and praise. A place of beauty that I can hold either tea bible meetings or a Sunday evening dinner gathering. Maybe an extra room or two to lift either my brother or sister-in-Christ up in their time of need. A place to build a lasting legacy for my son to rule upon. Yes, your it girl has a son whose name is Justice. Whom has grown to be very mature these coming days. It is honestly all for him and his time to rule as head of the Jenkins Family Legacy. I merely the builder.
Not my actually house, but I wanted to show you my visual of the roundabout driveway and structure of my soon to be very own house and God Good the inside!!! 
Ah, yes 2019 is filled with much prominence and propsperity. Abundance and peace. Joy and happiness. A lasting foundation that if the storms may come the house stands strong for it is built on a solid foundation. That foundation is God. That is what I brought into this New Year. A solid foundation. Catch me everywhere from your Televsion to your Social Media Sites, from Netflix to the Big Screen, from Popular Blogs to your Fav Magazines, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Digital Platforms, Best Seller's List, and Morning Shows. You will catch me because I will be everywhere. Now, let me get myself cleaned up already, I am attending day 2 of "Return of The Glory" at my church Revvial tonight. Yesterday was packed with so much powerful information, I'm looking forward to Part 2. 
Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl    
P.S. I got some new book and art releases dropping, connect to my Instagram page for details. Love & Blessings


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