I Can Feel It In The Air: Catch The Vibe


Christion's song "Full Of Smoke "played giving me every bit of a Harlem Renaissance Hustler melody just dripping in my ear for I did too have a hold on life. Nails were clear giving some breathing space for tomorrow, I would be applying a new coat of natural on. My skin was dewy with black girl magic of firmness and light. My natural hair soft, free and curly underneath the golden tresses that I've been known to rock.

Something was in the air, I could feel it and if it was anything like from last year per the same time, that meant I was about to come upon or rather someone was about to come upon me with more than enough financial freedom for this "New Literary It Girl Writer" and Hustler of Wordplays to breathe freely.

I was watching my life go up. Preparation is part of the door opening, the actual key was destiny. Gold and silver bars safely stored in the home safe for on deck currency both for now and generational wealth to pass down for later.

I was digging this groove I was on natural winnings and moves. No finessing. No scamming just writing my way to the top and showcasing the range of my talents that God has blessed me from up above with.

Flowing on, the water is traveling upstream, plenty of fish is in this sea. The rainbow has an endpoint where the pot of gold is at. It runneth over, Psalm 23 verse 5...

"My God you fine" Is what I heard as I passed by. A quarter to 5. Give me 5 and double it back 5. I have arrived. 555 triple digits. This time it a straight direction, no shortcuts, no slip-ups, no distractions, no, no, no but all of Yes Yes Yes a word that I just loved to both say and hear. My alter ego did too. I can feel it in the air. Prepared to receive indeed. Responsible to handle the fullness of its completion. Debt free that is me. Let me add it as another part of my middle name.

For my cup runneth over, spilling debuts of blessings like the 2020 Money Green Bentley Bentayga. It's over and out from here on in. Harlem baby we made it without all the sin. I got a clean collar to match this pen stroke no longer living on the corner of broke.

Let me inhale it all in, for... I can feel it in the air.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl

P.S. Catch the vibe I was on and listen for yourself to Christon's song "Full of Smoke" https://youtu.be/oFwik0Lon-g


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