El Confidante: Africian Crime Offer Decline


Its a mere Tuesday and already I received three offers, amazing along with a tone of compliments and applauds. Yet, even after the turning of my past lifestyle and reaching daily even continually to not just esteem a better self but also to become one from the inside out. I am being presented with an offer, a dark one which has its perks and also destined pitfalls. I know that road all too well. Yet, this offer has come to me at no surprise for I am in a postiton of exercution of the offered task.

International bounds and Kingpin dialogue, would once have interest more than the balls I'm known to hold but not anymore. I see its grand picture painted all nicely tied with such the bow that any kid in the park would want to unwrap.

I can see its ending now by way of fatale overthrow or abroad bound in chains. Neither are attached to my destiny, yet I have now secured one vexed rival due to my decline of offer. Ahh, the life of a writer I suppose my dear readers is nothing shy of a true experience into the mind,soul and said connections or affiliates of the writer indeed.

More than a novel webbed of cobblestone in Holland to Crime Bosses in places you've only seen on the screen at your favorite movie locale theater. Still, these things in this world hold more evidence that they are all undeniably true. Fresh blood running through and through as their time shortens year by year they seemingly have watched and have had watchers to follow the most suited for the commission.

Not the one with the past but the one who has overcome the past and has metamorphosized and sustained, fortfying itself into the pinnacle of sheer brillance. Florishing profusly from within. A work that no man bares to go under yet the most delicate of butterflies undergoes this stage in life. Inches away from flight.

The Offer...

El Confidante...

I declined the commissioned African Crime Families offers coming from the head Kingpin herself. Now, I must... a mere writer prepare myself for a form of battle but I don't fight alone. True story or Fiction you shall see.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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