Confessions Of A Woman Of God: Episode1

True I am a writer but more importantly, I am a Woman of God that's been tried and tested. I even have the war scars to add to my winning testimony story but I also have some confessions. If you were thinking what exactly, I can assure you nothing nearly as "Confessions Of A Video Vixen" but still a page turner anyhow.

As I sit looking out into to the vast Hudson River Waters, the world is quite different in this realm with God as a follower. More set apart are the Men and Women of God and though we may appear to be weak or losing in the sight of the world's eyes note that as of this New Year it is the year of The Man & Woman of God. The year we come into position and rise to the occasion and be noted thereof. A year that sets the tone for many many years to follow after. It is more than the integrity but the peculiarness of the selected Men and Women of God. Giving access to an unseen open door for us to walk through.

I wasn't sure exactly as far as for pen pointing it but something amazing was about to overtake me. Some type of blessing so huge that not only would it pair with my talent but it would set the course of my life n such a prosperous direction that it will put me in position to be a blessing to others as well. Did I deserve such a gift? I would say yes, for obedience is always rewarded. Though the past year was filled was more than my share of roller coaster rides, making the same mistakes different scenario yet, I kept at it, kept pressing towards the mark and most importantly keep after God's own heart. Repenting and moving accordingly. Still, I wasn't perfect and I wasn't trying to be but I did know for all it was worth God has blessed me indeed and I owe it to Him by returning my faithfulness by being a committed and faithful servant. Yes, even in this world. It was very much possible.

Daily I was tested, and for these first 10 days of 2019, I am holding strong to this winning record. Not allowing anything or anyone to take me off course. Came too far to fail. My edges are popping, my body is glowing, I am gaining more coverage as a writer and personality. I am in the realm of I Decree that Yes, You're Approved, You Have Been Selected, You Are The Winner, We Are Pleased To Inform You That You Are Our Choice, Your Sales Are At Its All-Time High Ever, You Are Now Now A Best Selling Author, You Are Just The Writer We Were Looking For, Congratulations You Are Our New TV Show Writer, The Position Is Yours, You Are Now A Homeowner, Here Are Your New Keys Enjoy, We Have Selected You Based Off Of Your Credit & Income To Become An American Express Black Card Holder, You Are Perfect As The New TV Commentator For The Own TV Network and I can go on but I'll leave the other good news for another time. For it is written, in Job 20:28 "Thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways."

It is Thursday, the sun isn't out yet but it sure is shining brightly inside of me. The best thing in the world is to deny yourself by abstaining from all the things that serve no purpose in your life in order to grow. Something, that I willingly experienced my first 7 days of this New Year faithfully. I'm telling you now, it reveals answers and prophesies you even begin to imagine.

Now, this is all new new to me (I added the double word for effect), this type of starting out beginning in a New Year. The answer is simple, I began in the old year. Shifting, positioning myself, obeying, denying myself of all things that no longer served the purpose of bettering myself or my family's line.

I often wonder how the end will look, not to my life but the end of this new chapter. The more I think about it, the more my very being just gets all warm and sunshiny inside. Have you experienced that before? It's a gracious feeling indeed. God had given me my "Straight Instructions" and though at other times, I may have slacked, been disobedient or moved not at the proper speed as I should have, this time wasn't going to be the case.

I confess that I am single. I also confess that God knows exactly what He is doing and why that still is. Yes it is a New Year, and yes if you let them (Men or if you're a man reading this women) they will waste your time all 2019 too, pull you away from the glory of God, snatch your edges, your esteem and whatever else that God has built in you if you are not obedient to the will of God. (Note: This ain't for everyone, this is for the I've been through too much, God has brought me a mighty long way, I wish I would step out of my blessings because of disobedience, I refuse to start over, or be recycled on that level again, when I think of the goodness of God and all he has done my soul cries out Hallelujah type of person.) I guess, I just got to a point on this journey where I just can't loose what I have. You know it's the look in the mirror where you're glowing so brightly, that you got to touch your own skin to see if this after effect is real. You are daily at it and on it, studying, releasing in church because you're free from the bondage, pain and that old man. You don't have to play to stay or to keep up. You up.

Just the other day I was listening to a recent interview which I did on a podcast show and I found myself replying it back several times because of my voice. Yes, I said my voice, for it had so much grace in it. I might be The New Literary It Girl but I am God's Property!!!! That's A Glory Be To God line follower right there.

I confess that as A Woman of God I am lit. PERIOD!!

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl

P.S. I am taking "Confessions Of A Woman Of God" to Television category audio Podcast style. There is more than one way to become a New York Times Best Selling Author. Blessings & Love.


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