Tat Tat Tat Goes The Million Dollar Writer Signed SJ

Is it not what the mind can conceive that is which one achieves? Well, then I thought to myself, "I am the Million Dollar Writer" SJ said, and said, over and over and over in the mirror as she set out to conquer the day. A day not planned yet she knew it would be nothing shy of a story to be told and possibly later sold, once she created the outline deciding whether Novel, Short Story and/or the next it article in the likes of hmm possibly Vanity Fair? Why Yes, they could use some of this black girl magic flair. 

Draped in hues of grey and capped up and booted down in yes flats, toting nothing less then designer heels that go tat tat tat upon the grandeur floors of styles of marble etc etc as I applied my Chanel velour matted lip stain. And no, there were no cashmere sweater being worn. Well, a turtleneck. lol.

I wish I could paint...well, I suppose I do, yet with out a brush it’s a trusty pen and/or typing and paper and/or my iPhone notepad jotting down while... I got to get going... I’m headed downtown. 

The chill is exactly how I like it, adds volume to the day and now back to this million dollar writer yes that which is I. I’m liking the sound yet tasting a good cup of earl grey with steamed soy milk no water of course at the fanciest place where I could sip with legs crossed and aspire to inspire the next scene or frames that will continue these million dollar writings and press sightings. New characters and uncultivated storylines that bend everything that can happen and cannot too. 

Closing out... FYI, one never knows where I will pop up and gather inspiration from. Hint, Hint. 

P.S. XoXo to the Maison Kayser Paris Staff located on 400 5th avenue, you guys are AMAZING!!!. That was a perfectly amazing cup of Grey Tea with steamed Soy Milk made. Love. & Blessings.

Go to www.maison-kayser-usa.com and grab your cup of earl grey tea with soy milk and tell them SJ "The New Literary It Girl" sent you.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl 


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