Raw Ambition

I was preparing to unleash my new literary work writings unto the masses. Exposing the truth and creating the remembrance of the generational wealth and legacy factor. I was more than just some writer that had an edge yet classy enough to dance with the best of them. Real enough to stand with the best of them and win amongst the best of them.

Raw ambition call it what you like but when I stepped up and into the marble hallway of only seeing my own color in sight I knew I was in the right place. I knew the timing was right and it was certainly at hand. skin soaked from drizzles of the sun giving an earthy glow that can't be brought, no makeup could make this up and yet here I am. About to write for the best of them, breaking into scenes that Hollywood seems are just for me. Author crossed over yet still knowing where I come from. Luxury lifestyled and Harlem 8th avenue whipped the Aston Martin down to Rucker or is it Dykeman now.

Five days into this month of December and my ambition won't allow me to quit, it wont allow me to let up. I got something to prove. I've seen these views from a child playing lottos and drinking quarter waters. Tag and hop scotch and it wasn't no social media back then instead we had the pleasure of actually interacting... with one another.

Pause. Someone's coming....

They have called my name. Hey grandma if you looking down from heaven, I'm here now representing... the family's name. Got it on my back. The American Dream was tattooed on my chest literally so I decide to change it to Absolute Divinity because the one inside is greater than he that is in the world. I caught those pearls... I come in all respect because royalty, is what runs through my veins.

"Excuse me" I heard in a distance, turning around I said "Yes?"

"Were ready for you Ms. Jenkins" the voice now being a truly well-groomed custom Italian suited tall interesting looking man.

"Please, call me SJ or The New Literary It Girl or maybe The Million Dollar Writer; or simply just the New Susanne Shank The Billionaire Titan."

How far can this thing really go, I questioned or recognized as I followed aside headed up the glass elevator noticing the MP button pressed.

"All the way to the top" is what I heard,  as he continued.

"It seems where your gift is taking you there's no ceiling in fact these commas range in the millions. Ms. Susanne Shank The Million Dollar Writer." he stated boldly, confidently and confirming me.

I gave no smile nor evidence of pleasure for I was here for business and my soul wasn't for leverage. My pen was good enough. No need to curse, get naked or act in a way; that would lead the younger generation astray. This lane was available for me to be the best version of myself, representing all of my wealth.  I walked up to the seat that was pulled out for me and sat down comfortably; knowing it was all written so the rest would now be added in history.

SJ The New Literary It Girl aka The Million Dollar Writer


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