Let Em' Court You Down

Courting over dating any day. I mean yes, through God I'm building, growing and prospering in my own right, not just as SJ the Self-Published Author, Writer, Publisher, now Gallerist via way of online to start and Business Woman but I Am A Woman of God, that has a desire to be married to a Man of God. 

And once again Ciara & Russell Wilson are the perfect example along with the Meagan Good & Devon Franklin, couples of faith that stood strong on the standards of God's will, ways and purpose for their lives. 

Did I see myself going down this road of being celibate and becoming a Woman After God's Own Heart? No, I didn't but as I grew as a Woman of God,  I also grew as a Woman after God's Own Heart, able to see the fullness of His love and what all He has for me. Things like wait daughter let me build you up and prune off the old and unneeded things off of you made complete sense. Things also like, no more drinking or cut all senseless situations with men and allow me to bring the right one to you in my time and not yours, made even more sense. 

I am safe under the shadow of the almighty. I am able to work diligently just as Ruth was doing when Boaz showed up. I am able to go through the purification process just as Esther did before she became Queen Esther. I am able to have value added to me on top of value and the outcome is priceless indeed.

There is a huge difference between Courting vs. Dating. Relationships vs. Situationships. Especially under the Covenant of God. I can truly say, He knows what's best. He is the author and finisher of our lives and knows all about us but most importantly, He knows what we need. That means even my desires. As his word says  in Psalm 37:4 "Take delight in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart" a verse that is a promise we can stand on. Then why aren't we? Why are we as men and women of God being led out of the realms of where it is safe and purposed-filled? Why are we settling? Why are we denying the true love that only comes from God for the exchange for a situation or a side order of nothing only to later feel empty and hurt. Searching for the next fix again and again. 

I know it may seem that with social media that you have to be naked to get attention or that you rather be with just anybody to say you have somebody so you won't be lonely but let me tell you this little secret, it's all lies. You're never lonely when you submit to God and you won't ever have to be naked to grab a man and that's on God. 
Honestly, I thought it might be a difficult thing to refrain from sex before getting married but as you step closer and closer to God, being obedient and fighting the good fight for righteous, witnessing miracles, you'll find out that your body is a temple and inside is precious cargo that cannot be tainted. You'll find out that with obedience and sacrifice comes great reward and in due time as you build, your desires will be meet if they align with God's will and purpose for your life. Those desires in your heart are placed there for a reason and true indeed, a season.  

Let's converse a bit on courting. Can you imagine being the person God saw you being from the beginning and it is now your season to step into the courting stage with that man or woman of the opposite sex that God has hand selected just for you. The timing is perfect though we are not, but we are graced with God's excellence and anointing all over us. Your harvest has come, so mere dating is off the list because courting is being served now. That's right you're doing this with a plan and purpose behind it that is much greater than ourselves. You're glowing ladies and not from your makeup. Men you are shinning too and its not a filter its from time being spent with God. An inside job. You now know exactly who you are. Wow, just writing this makes me feel all warm and filled with a joyful peace and love. Oh, for I know these things will come to pass. Envision you're looking that chosen person in the eyes, and you both are aligned with God's will and purpose on your life. It's beyond magical, more than a fairytale, it's your reality. You are now living in this realm complete and enhanced by God.

Yes, of course I've dated, but honestly once you step into the position of being more than just a follower of God and transition to Being a Woman or Man after God's Own Heart you move, see and even feel differently. Those things from before or your past lifestyle just seem worthless and meaningless. And why? because there is nothing that compares to all that God's has to offer you. Why just date? getting all caught up in lust or even maybe becoming a girlfriend giving all of your  wife goods away and yet not married. Wait that sounds like one of my soon-to-be released books titled "I'm Not Going To Playhouse, Be Wifey, and/or Act Like We're Married" which you can find at www.shayvonnecjenkins.com/2018-new-releases 

To each there own, but since I'm owned by God, I'll wait and go through my purification process like Esther and work like Ruth until God says it's time. I will say this, if it's anything like my spiritual novel "The Grace of The Anointed Publicist" which is available for purchase on my website at www.shayvonnecjenkins.com/featured-books    
 then God, you about to make a daughter like me proud.

So, if you really and I mean really want my personal opinion on the matter, I will leave you with this to ponder upon. Since I became obedient and started to adhere to the guidance and instructions of God, I've never been better in my entire life. Business wise I'm blessed, Mentally blessed, Emotionally blessed, Physically blessed, and Now Financially blessed with real stability which is built on a real solid foundation, He has shaped and shifted everything and whomever God is sending my way will surely be favored indeed. I am that good thing the scripture promises the husband about in Proverbs 18:22 "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord"

Get your courting on and experience another level of life and until that happens, remain obedient and experience another level of life while being an Obedient, Successful, Holy Ghost filled, Anointed and Appointed, Walking in Power and Stepping in Greatness Single Person. Trust, because we only get one body and with that said, it should be treated and kept as a mansion is,putting only the best of the best inside of it.

Now, excuse me while I head over to my Instagram and do some posting follow me over there at www.instagram.com/thecouturelifestyle     Until Tomorrow Blessings.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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