Holiday Love, Instagram Style (Prompt)

"The Holidays are so beautiful, especially when you're living your life under the power and authority of God" Iyana thought to herself as she pulled out unto the LA traffic.

Indeed she was different, a mix somewhere between Meek Mills "Dangerous" and Bishop Paul S. Morton's "Something Happens (Jesus). Was I starting to Trip?" Ryan thought to himself. Like, I'm a lawyer yet here I am about to send this post via Instagram to let her and the world  know that yes, I was in fact tripping. But who could blame me, with a woman like that  I'm proud too! In such a short time, God had showed me who I was and her as well. But what meant the world to me was, who we were becoming as one. Both believers her and I. She was a prayer warrior to the point I can just pick the phone up and even after the call has ended the power from the prayer still lingered on covering me for days. I give all the praises to God for this woman, that He has blessed me with; pause...I just posted it, I pray she says yes to becoming Mrs. Iyana Sutton.

Afternoon Tea was from 3:00-4:00pm at Wolfgang Puck's The Bar & Lounge at Hotel Bel-Air. So my prompt arrival was required. This wasn't just any man this was Ryan a Man After God's Own Heart and he had requested that I meet him for an important meeting over tea promptly at 3pm sharp.  One of L.A.'s most sophisticated and graced with a palate of Hollywood's Glamour matched my silk beige blouse, paired with a off peach A-Line skirt to an amazing light that no Instagram filter held.  Beautifully presented in a relaxed, yet elegant style Ryan made an amazing choice. He knew how much I loved tea and he also knew how to carry this Woman of God. I was beyond impressed and yet very intrigued to know what this meeting was all about and why such the urgency.

I thought I would be nervous actually but to my surprise I wasn't. I was engulfed with such a joy that I didn't even know it was possible to acquire, yet I had been blessed with this gift. The air was filled with an anointing. This was all God's will. From the very beginning, here I was just searching through Instagram checking out the power movers and shakers for God. Some say Instagram is a gift and curse and though it may be true, for me it was nothing shy of a blessing. I had read a powerful message 7 months prior to be exact and decided to follow through after liking the post by reading the comments. Curiosity must of got the best of me for some reason, nevertheless I found it was going down in not the DM but in the comments. This one comment in particular stood out from the rest to the point I clicked on the commenter's picture leading me to their page and there she was...moving and shaking for God. I can't deny I thought to myself, was she just one of the sisters just throwing the hashtag around? You know "Christian Clout Chasing" if that is a thing. With her godly hashtags and well dressed looking quite amazing without baring nothing but the glow that her time being spent with God had provided her with. But i came to find that she was the real deal, I Woman of God and a Changed Woman at that, one who had been through and came out as pure gold. One who when I saw her in person, I knew why up until her I was single and patiently awaiting the one God had ordained for me. I stood smiling just reviewing everything until Matthew tapped me on the shoulder bringing me back to the importance of now. 

"Man just seeing your facial expressions gave me even more hope that when it is my time God will bless me also with that good thing and i too will have favor, can I get an Amen my brother" Matthew stated giving his brother and soon to be... I was happy for Ryan, he was what Romans 8:28 stood for. That promise is what he stood on and with his faith, God delivered more than he could had ever expected or imagined.

I sat with an overwhelming soft feeling of being loved. The love that Luther Vandross was talking about. The love that Teyana Taylor Hymned and Diddy Bopped on the streets of Harlem while the back beat dropped smoothly dripped off with Ghostface, Method Man & Raekwon "Gonna Love Me" Sheez... I was a Harlem Girl Living a LA Lifestyle. I was Hip Hop and The Gospel. Poetry that he was able to read and knew how to proceed. I decided to go ahead and order myself an Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot which was an Yunnan Tea Blend, Sicilian Bergamot Oil. "I'll also have Chocolate Raspberry Torte as well thank you" I told the waiter as I decided to take a scroll through Instagram but not before I huge party engulfed with security entered in. A few faces I noticed as we were all relevant in the scene of excellence and ownership, real black entrepreneurship. I quickly turned back around allowing my freshly soft curls of chestnut, dark brown and blond mixture to fall to the right side giving breathe to the drip of my diamond and emerald chandelier earrings. 

My God!!!!!  I jumped up slow motion. Notification after notification flooded my feed with tags with my name all across my new iPhone X screen. Reading the post in slow mo, I was standing unaware to anything else in this glamour of a floor. Time had paused for this moment knowing good and well it was coming. I blinked more than three times and turned around as I saw him and he saw me and our souls just mingled with one another and decided to speak beats of love. And I heard
"And oh, you're gonna love me
You're gonna wanna hug me and squeeze me"

The song included, with all of our family and friends in attendance. "Oh you dared and I was here for it. No luv, now I'm good, pouring it on thick. You spoke in a Kingdom Tone and I matched yours eloquently too. You said I had to tag you, my queen, the proverbs 31 to my Ephesians 5, you are the good thing in the verse, no and I got it right on the first try. I'm standing here in all my God -Given splendor you looking beautiful too. Just glowing I see you boo and let me match that. Would you marry me and be my wife? I spoke on bended knee more than 4 Carats, 12 to be exact Harry Winston Emerald Cut."

This ain't no movie there's no need for a director to yell cut. We real lifing this. Giving the gram some real life inspiring walking in the standards of God. There was a silence amongst the love in the air. There was a beat from both our hearts that could bare. This is destiny I thought aloud as her lips parted speaking words that said "Yes, It will be a pleasure to be your wife followed by thanks be to God and I love you... yes that part.  The place was magnified, love intensified who would of guessed that this love connection was something that Instagram provided. Smile this is Holiday Love, Instagram Style.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl 

Hey, You'll never know where you will find love or love will find you...maybe it's right on you just never know.

P.S. Enjoy Teyana Taylor's New Video 

Luther Vandross "For You To Love"


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