Interlude: Don't Hate The Player Or The Game

That's right whether the player or the game it wasn't to be hated but to know both your opponent and as well the game you're playing because honestly and most defiantly you were going to have to have a solid led on both to survive successfully. The highway air was different tonight, I wondered if the incoming of prior messages had something to do with it and I was just experiencing the release of endorphins from it. Was I nervous? No, well maybe just a bit. No, I'm not even claiming such the thing, me nervous ha!

Ha, ha, ha!!! What I did know, was that the deeper I went in on my own the deeper the rabbit hole. I could just cancel but what would that prove. Yet and still I knew my opponent and the game and together it was a deadly combination that I was prepared to win at the cost of righteousness. Evil is a word they are scared to announce but I know my stance in the stack and the claim so I know exactly what I'm up against. I should just cancel...

...yet the conqueror in me wouldn't allow me to do such the thing. Three opponents all in the same field and the best plan I had was God's plan. I couldn't lose...

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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