At Waters View I Still Stand

I'm just that close to the edge of tasting a breakthrough called success. Success of scoring such the applause; that I can free poverty wars. Without a bail. And tell stories that sails... I ponder it all as I stand looking upward into the beginning of the evening. Colors In Motion by Foreign Nature adds a tone to this vivid picture. Waters still, yet my pen has become more than a show and tell it is the magic in my black girlness, the fire in my spark and the freedom of creating generational wealth. It's all for my family's lineage, that my writing must be felt. Felt from the top of Dr. Martin's Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech to Muhammad Ali's I Shook up the World!! Preach. It's a romance forever more and because I hold its door wide open, I'm loving it down giving it every bit of my soul exposed. Withholding nothing and giving it everything I got. One only lives once but if I do this right my writing will leave an everlasting remembrance.

To know I have the power to liberate from the midst of any chosen location whether in the hood or if its in a luxury setting... my writing is still good. From Street accredited yet I can move as a Wall Street veteran. This writing game is my leverage.

Manhattan is lit up for sure, I wonder what I could explore this evening or should I explore the evening. Feeling its tones and qualities that come through the evening from a writers stance. I'm truly giving you a glance, a different chance at this storytelling thing through visuals of self reflected in real time intellect. Can you detect? 

Can you feel it in the air? I'm standing where the world seems clear and the skies are loud and proud. Edgewater, River Road my kind of town. Bergen County a place where I've come to acquire the taste of quietness and entrepreneurship up and down this road. Where the elves stay and money is made and I come close to the edge and since that with my words not only can I play but financial my family from it can also be safe.

All from words formulating and telling stories through characters and storylines all entwined with personal experiences and emotions of the times. I can drop literally on sight like Hov. Today is my friends Billy Birthday he owns the Cove, Lounge that is, located in Harlem shout out to him. Happy Birthday sending blessings and prosperity and continued favor upon you may it reach you through this written hymn. 

No scandal this evening I think it's best to leave that to the best in the office. The biggest reality show thus far. I said it, I do have free speech or do we really. I tend not to offend only to lend the helping hand on things that we as of yet just can't pull down because its force is something unseen. I still stand and know that through my writing I am seen and heard loud and clear intentionally my novel was in Lake Como, Italy written by a girl coming out of the projects of Harlem that's the type of power I can weld through my pen. 

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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