A Writer's New Year's Eve Morning

I had just stepped out of the shower and oiled myself in the anointing oil that my Bishop had given me. The time on the clock read 2:07am and I was vibrantly awake. Being it the last official day of the 2018 year and all, I was at peace. There was nothing I needed to do to prepare for the coming into of the New Year. I can willingly look back at the entire year and last year too and see just as plain the enormous change that occurred. The amazing transformation that happened and might I add all the lessons learned that prepared and propelled me to so comfortably and confidently be able to be where I am now and who I am now.

Taking a sip of ice water for effect I will continue.

Everything that was needed for this 2019 New Year, I held in my position already, whether new connections, million dollar deals, new business associates and colleagues, new friends that were greater than I be it spiritually and/or financially, becoming a wife, homeownership, 2 comma digit carrier, states as the Black Successful Forbes listed Business Woman, a better than 2018 Woman of God and basically whatever my heart desired, I held it already inside of me.

I even had my very own writing blanket though sounds meaningless yet as a child I recall I held one dear to me then. Not for writing but to be able to live in this magical fairytale and dream these dreams that I now walk into so purposed filled organically. This blanket is called my writers blanket which was given to me on Christmas day by my spiritual mom who is officially my mom. Note: God always gives us what we need. Hence the "He is a Mother to the Motherless" Rest In Peace in my First Mother Mrs. Dora Ann Jenkins my own personal Diva, Black Girl Rock & Magic, College Graduate, Classy and Fly Woman indeed and not because she was my mother it was simply the facts being stated. She had transitioned in November of 2002 after losing a battle to Breast Cancer yet winning the victory to gain entry into Heaven. Glory be to God.

Bare with me it's New Year's Eve.

So, yes I have a writers blanket which is black and white flannel, such a cozy comfort as I peep into my future seeing me in my new home owned house in Englewood Cliffs  and my Los Angeles house allowing my a Bi-coastal experience from rendered book sales and business deals from my writing, tv show, and businesses, working so effectively on one of my next New York Times Best Seller's. I wondered did the greats have a writers blanket or maybe a coffee or tea mug something of sentiment that was dear to them during their creative times. I'm going to leave this peep into my future off a bit and get right back into this present though I must admit my future is one successful God move away.

I was certainly looking forward to partying the New Year in at church. It was sure to be a good old Holy Ghost filled experience. Ahh, the feeling of being drunk in the spirit. He who has an ear let him hear.

I can honestly say that who I am I've never experienced before like ever. I do like this me and as dope, as I am already God ain't finished with me yet. I am that beautiful plant that though you've planted the seed the soul wasn't good so the soul had to get right to allow the seed to grow, and now that the soil is good and healthy the seed now has a solid and sure foundation to where it now can grow and it is growing rising up from out of the soil. The stem is visible and now you see its green. Now one must keep watering and giving it its proper sunlight and care for full growth.so the leaves can flourish and you can see its beautifulness in its true form. Yep, that would describe me. I stated I believe just yesterday I was the coldest with this storytelling. I so meant that with much confidence yet just as humble and thankful to display my God-given talents.

It's New Year's Eve you guys the last day of 2018. Can you believe it? Time flys right? This world we are in is ever so changing though through it I am evolving. One thing for certain is hope. Hope for a better year, a brighter future, world peace and everything good and perfect. Financial abundance we must all attain. I believe and know it to be very important that we all do. I have learned prior that my finances were being held up and for quite some time. I had my answers to why at first, though I didn't want to believe it but it was true but now thank God I have reached a point to where I truly needed to understand the concept of money and vital role it not only played in my life as me just being a consumer but me as the mother, the businesswoman, the tither, and giver of offerings, the lender, the owner, the business owner, the investor, and a list of other importance. I had to prepare and be prepared to handle this responsibility of money and its dynamics. I had so poorly dealt with money on a range that showed honestly how poor I really was. Yes, I said it. Though I lived in condos on the water, held diamonds, furs, luxury cars and all of the luxurious possessions while being a business owner yet I was poor, making poor decisions with the money that I acquired. My mindset was poor and so my lifestyle as well. I am now in a position to create financial stability and legacy from my new mindset and concept along with the preparation of knowledge with money. No longer do I hold a consumer's mentality. No longer will I just saw recklessly throw money away as I did in the past. You have to get to the point where you say, self does money make me an asset or a liability? Together are we good team and producing good or are we poor, not effective and poor as a team? Is this building my family up or destroying my family? What purpose does money serve when I have access to it? Am I responsible? Can I be trusted with it? Am I a giver? Will I do what's right?  All these questions had to be answered through experience and preparation. If someone asks if the journey of reaching this enlightenment hurt, I would have to answer yes, yes it did hurt. When money is not handled properly it not only effects you but everyone connected to you. This poor management of money also seeps into the inner being of you and can grab a hold of your self-worth, confidence, integrity, values, and beliefs.

I also held the devil responsible for some of my financially hold up as I found out that he knew that with a hold up I could fail many tests and would experience life not fully lived a godly way. But thanks be to God, I made it through and passed tests though I had to retake some. Knowing and overcoming this was also part of my preparation.

So many compartments adding up to the sum of Shayvonne Christina Jenkins better known as... The New Literary It Girl, God's It Girl, Million Dollar Writer, The Changed Woman, and The Couture Life Style

It is New Year's Eve. For the 2019 New Year, I wish nothing but success earned through your rendered services to the world, love, joy, peace, happiness, wealth, health, love and some more love, light, abundance, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, God's grace and mercy, family abundance, more creativity, brighter and successful ideas, ownership, beauty, healing, restoration if needed, breaking of addictions, removal of family curses, generational wealth and prosperity, good standards, integrity, beautiful views, your hearts desires, good soulful music that will inspire the best of you, some more love because we can never have enough of it, a healthier eating and food intake diet that strengthens not just your physical but your mind as well, ordered steps by God because His paths drip in abundance and every good and perfect gift from above.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl      Blessings unto you and your family as well as to me and mines until our cups runneth over!!!! Love

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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