A Tackful Tuesday...

...indeed it was, as I sat at one of my fav spots www.maison-kayser-usa.com at their 400 5th Avenue location, prepared to indulge in a hot cup of earl grey tea. I just received my book promo gift featuring a new book promotional ad that I recently downloaded and I was excited to release it throughout my social media sites. Lately my followers had took a good turn as my numbers rose in height. Was it due to my very own analytics that caught people true attention? Nevertheless, I was on the scene and awaiting for the Deputy Commission to arrive. Yes, the Deputy Commissioner. A lady needs connections and high power ones at that. Writing indeed was a multi-million/billion dollar business but as a writer one had to get one's self out and around the proper audience and at the same time position themselves amongst the Who's Who. 

It was more than just fair game but a strategic business move, over an amazing cup of earl grey tea of course. The stimulate from a pure cup gives me just the right dose of rush for an interesting conversation with a higher level of wordplay usage. As a writer my point of cross is to grab the mind of the readers' attention through book and/or connecting platforms. Which is why I'm having this meeting now. Art has always been quite amazing to me. It has a level of interest that is so thought provoking that not only can the still of an image inspire but spine it owns tale along with the creators back story having its on enchantment as well. So, I took my love of art and opened up my first Virtual Fine Art Gallery  called "The Gallerist", with three pieces to start out. I didn't drop a soon to be coming or any of that, I just dropped it and as of last week it has been available on my author's website at www.shayvonnecjenkins.com/the-gallerist  Thanks be to God.

Now, taking the necessary steps to open the physical gallery with one location in New York of course and the second location in Los Angeles was my target to start out on a national stand point. And what enterprising way to get that done but by selling my fine art and so, in walks the Deputy Commissioner to purchase one of my limited edition print pieces.

It is important that one keeps a diverse network of friends, associates and business colleagues, for growth is dependent upon it and business is ran off of it. I rose from my seating to greet the distinguish, intelligent and very much confidant Deputy Commissioner who I will keep nameless at least for now. Sitting in an expensive grey suit with coordinating silk scarf and brown leather gloves he placed his notepad and phone to the corner of the table. Smiling he said "SJ let's get straight to business, which piece from the Christina Laurant Collection is suited to my taste and style without putting too much of a dent on my card might I add" as he gave out a slight chuckle.
As if, I thought to myself re-crossing my legs, I responded with showing him a piece I captured in Harlem titled "The Motherland of Harlem" it was a Limited Edition 5 print and he would actually be the first buyer of the piece. And just like that, he purchased two out of the five prints of "The Motherland of Harlem" stating that he loved my eye for detail and that I should continue to build the collection and if I was interested in having an investor on board for an actual gallery he would be more than willing to assist in the project. It was an interesting offer might I add, but an offer that I wasn't interested in. Ownership and having complete ownership was what it was all about, at least, that's what I was about. Why should I stop at just being a self-published author when in fact I was multi-talented with my own diverse talent portfolio. My stock has now heightened with this asset into the art world as a gallerist and it will rise even more with fortifying myself under complete ownership. 

We gave our goodbyes for the evening, as I informed him that the pieces would be delivered by mail in a few days but he insisted I hand deliver them via our next meetup and possibly revisit the offer of him as prominent an investor. I smiled and agreed to the hand delivery as I loved our business conversations so much, but I was still standing firm on retaining full ownership. I wasn't interested in the offer but having the offer on the table spoke more volume than today's drop in the stock market .

 I decided to finish my earl grey tea while as I transferred my new funds from my business paypal account into my business savings account. The evening just got more interesting yet I was headed home. 

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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