A Prominent Download To An Amazing Evening


I awoke to my mind everywhere, like the signs were everywhere and I just laid there in the presence of it all. Last night was amazing, and when I say amazing I mean amazing. It was a night until the early morning that I would never forget. Who knew I would experience such information and guidance or better yet the assurance that I was or let me say I am on the right path. Not just the right path but adding the right things unto me during the right time. Yes, last night is a night I won't ever forget.

Indeed I'm waking up tired or is it just the overload of information from last night that is now since opening my eyes, are being downloaded. My brain is heavy yet I need a polish change, it's time to pray, worship, workout and get right back to work. It's not a game I am finishing this year strong. I've started my classes last night from MOMA and just the thought that I've seen me in my own gallery is something that I'll just say, 2019 is the year of a prosperous harvest. See it is true you reap what you sow.

Now, my brain is telling my heart that I can do something in day tops most likely two. And though, it seems inviting to do and complete I must admit I've procrastinated on it for it came to me before. Yeah, I know what you're thinking not SJ? Not the million dollar writer? Yeah, I know I said the same things also, but you know what, I'm going for it today. And why? Because I know it can be done. I know I will complete it and complete it successfully.

So, it's certainly a in home day of full work to the breaking of morning type of day. Phone is off and charging. I am now smiling, awakening more and more as the downloads are being successfully completed. It's important to make sure they are successfully completed. What do I mean? Well, last night for hours upon hours I inserted major information followed by envisioning it all coming to pass and allowing it to marinate over the smooth sounds of jazz as I slept. Once awakening, it was planted safely. After thanking God for waking me up, I arose with it all there to the forefront of my brain. Now I must complete all that is needed to bring it into the physical. Sounds like a process, well it is but I assure you its an adventurous one.

The body is an amazing property, more than some machine, it can be built down or built up, up to the points of allowing it to flourish to the fullest extent of who we truly are. When you begin to look at it from that point of view like a plant one would say, then you will do things much differently. As you grow you will do the searching and exploring to feed the mind and its body giving it all the nutrients needed and deserving to become that person. It's quite the amazing process the opening of this vortex and all the valuables that lay inside. It's where healing and beautification resides. Development of other layers of the mind and builds of temples we like to call muscles. I'm looking forward to travel this coming year. Writing on express trains across countries channeling storylines, creating short stories and exploring new interesting characters. And me there in the midst of it all. All this energy and light just there in the center of it. Prominent downloads, wise moves, ancestry ownership, million dollar to billion dollar makings and it's all for the taking if you can create it.

Let me tell you now, this isn't your ordinary blog, and I'm not your ordinary writer nor woman. This here is knowledge amongst the lifestyle of talents infused with lavish consumptions. I'm going to bring you to a place of proper ecstasy the righteous way. Now, let me get to the start of a successfully day. Enjoy yours as well and as always Blessings.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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