A Possibility Of Love

Though my evening was amazingly inspiring I entered in, to refresh myself and was refreshed from our prior dialogue that left the both of us blushing. That left the both of us engaging in the possibilities. He teased via direct message and we ended up via text message. Discussing the possibilities and if we could be and statements such as I can be all you need.

Yes the possibilities were quite intriguing. Though at times text can be misleading a strong tone was speaking through. And here I was entertaining this entertainment of staging a greatness formed by two becoming one. Was this possible? Of course. Was I ready for such things and at this time and now? I actually didn't have an answer but when I thought and looked into this scene, I seen me and him speaking over one another with encouraging words of strength and positivity. Words that got multi-million dollar closed deals and healed nations. Adding more than confidence. He was confident and tall. A believer in faith so I told him I know you can't fold. But at times we both just want to be whole and hold on to one another in this world we're in. None sexual it's an intellect stimulation. A dance of the minds; I love how this rhymes.

A possibility of love...
My love could I love on this?
While looking forward to the realization of his speaking of seeing me in grand offices running things him visiting me and running things. What all could that bring. I can bring a whole lot of me and if we mesh well it could bring a whole lot of me. Things my soul's been longing for and what about yours of course. I'm actually entertaining this at 4am actual 4:44 go figure the time. Is that a sign that its time?

No working to the break of day, I'll beat the sun today.

The act of...
The fact of... a possibility of love... wow my love.

Tall he was, with a beard. Intelligent and striving for excellence. I pondered momentarily like, SJ is this even a possibility? Like darling really? I'm not looking you see, but preparing for what God has destined for me. My heart holds grand and mighty desires. I'm a ruling authentic Queen. One must speak and show action to that part of me. This is how I will know my King.

Morning poetry is a remedy but for what? It's that added hello greeting, that look back when you see him and when he sees her. Two becoming one together. Let me not mention we know each other. But could this mystery guy be more than just another.

Well, I'm certainly not stepping out of my Queendom to find out, after all, a lady must let the man toil and see what fruits produces from the soil.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl   #Blessings


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