A Calculated Reach For Excellence In Education

Did I see this move coming? No, but I know God did, which is why he led me straight here but not to just admire the sights of art but to take things a step further. Trust me, I didn't see this coming but as I followed, it began to all make complete sense. It was a brilliant cocktail of success indeed. I had became an official student of MoMa. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment though I had yet to began the class or achieve my certification but I was registered and set to begin in two days. YESSS!!!
I'm shock in a way, but I like this journey's story more and more. 

One would think, how would me taking a class at an art museum assist in getting muah an self-published author on The New York Times Best Seller's List. Well, rest assure I will release that sensitive information very soon. Currently, I was looking forward to the successful completion of my classes and attaining my certifications. For sure it was a impressive accomplishment once completed to add under my belt but what was planned after that was nothing shy from brilliant and in its on way a story to be told. 

But I didn't just rest there, after completing all the necessary forms and profile requirements I was led to further my education and well let’s just say business has always been a complete turn on for me and with that being said let me say this loud and clear MU!! Yes, like MU in Michigan University. Yup, I snagged a business certificate course there too but online. Dope right? I know lol.

Welcome, Shayvonne Christina Jenkins with an amazing photo might I add. A hand shake says a lot in business and you never get what you asked for but what you negotiate for, with that being said adding to who I was made this the perfect accredited certificate course and so I was in. A MU business student about to be certified from Michigan University. I'll say I'm certainly cooking with gas like the old timers would mention when you were handling your business.

After completing the necessities for MU, I took a break and just mulled over everything. The perfect ingredients was being placed in, even in these last days of this year. Time itself seemed to just slow down for all of these things to take place and get accomplished. I was now fully utilizing every minute and every second productively and purposely. I was bound to hit big soon not because I said but because it was destined!

With my MoMa certification,
 along with my MU certification, the two combined  collectively breed a sweet savor of impressive accomplishment and standings that gave way to the open door of the best storyline a writer could tell. It was not a notion of just because but a strategic plan calculated with class, style, brilliance, elegance, ownership and yes reaching the goal of
becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Since knowledge is power, I was certainly going to have a healthy dose of it. Logging off for tonight guys, while lounging to the sounds of George Howard's "Love Will Follow"... Jazz fan that I am. Coconut soaked into my facial skin and a nice cup of ice water as a night cap.  

Good Night & Good Morning!

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl   

P.S. Yes my middle name is Christina sharing is caring guys be blessed. 


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