4:54am Such Are The Hours That Creatives Keep

Who but I would still be up working, creating and thinking all at the same time. These were the hours that creatives dwell and though my days are filled with fancy sceneries matched with wordplays that spin a luxurious story to sell at times. During these hours is where everything is still and creativity that surpasses everything dwells.

I wonder though at times, like are other successful authors up too? Like do they go through the prepping stage right before the next book release where they find themselves up for days straight or is that something I only do? Questions, yet I have the answers.

Now, yes we know I'm a self-published author but did you guys also know that I am also a publisher of a business & luxury lifestyle magazine that is both print and digital? Well, since I'm aiming for New York Times Best Seller, I figured I might as well  for go for being  the new "It" Black Woman Multi-Million Dollar Business and Luxury Lifestyle Publication Owner and Publisher while I was at it.

A writers life is what the writer makes it. I have some stories to tell and while I'm doing that, I might as well shake up the publication game both print and digitally too. Access was the game and at times, it meant more than money. With being the magazine's Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, access was granted and I carved an opened platform where I could promote and market my newly released books. I did tell you guys the literary scene was now open and I was showing up and out with all my #blackgirlmagic. Oh, and please feel free to check out and follow The Couture Life Style Magazine: Where Business Engages The Luxury LifeStyle at www.instagram.com/theclsmag while I'm currently adding the sauce to the new website which is presently being updated.

Yes, these hours is where you can catch me dropping a dope line of encouragement on Facebook most likely or dropping some amazing visuals on the mag's Instagram.  The hour where gospel and jazz ring out in my headphones as I work as the sun rises up. It is something quite satisfying about having 100% ownership. It really is a big difference in numbers when you do the math and your homework.

Lets get into a bit of business shall we, then I must be off to complete work. So, Jay Z's net worth is currently $900 Million Dollars, Pat McGrath $1 Billion and P Diddy $820 Million. What do they all have in common? Ownership. That's right OWNERSHIP.  The literary game is open and I've been brave enough to step up and into the scene as a self-published author and the magazine the same. Where does that leave me? In the best position and on that note let me get back to work.

Talk about some good solid motivation for you! SJ is not here to play games baby. It's December 4th, 2018 a day we won't ever see again, 2019 is at the door and how one walks through that door is solely up to you.

Blessed Rising.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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