Yes, it most certainly has. Like, I went from over the counter facial cleansers to using good ole' old fashion baking soda and coconut oil. Let me tell you now, God has a girl planted yet growing and seemingly grooming me quite beautifully. Adding coconut oil to my mix is a plus I've found, for certainly I've become hooked. A Triple Threat... Beauty, Brains and Business Minded...Yes. Milk Whipped Foundation to add to my sauce. Flourished eyelashes that bat to the beat as my pen repeats wordplays that speak. Can't neglect the squats and crunches daily, fortifying this temple of anointed goodness. God the glory goes to you. This Literary IT Girl is preparing for the victory. Preparing to be a blessing to bless others more in word but in deed; writing until my words bleeds through the canvas of a successful writer, turned author's book into the new sold out box office hit.

My beauty has changed and the peace I have I will not exchange. No, not for nothing. It is the air I breathe, I feel alive you see and you'll understand why I write as a pianists plays for the masses. And my song has a dance and some Sundays at church I catch the Holy Ghost. But if you knew what I've been through and how I survived. You'll understand when my mind turns back and I see myself in real time flaws and all how I just cant help but to stand and give a shout turning into a mighty powerful dance of praise. My beauty has changed... is glowing even when I'm sleep. It speaks without words and encourages the stranger that by passes me in the streets. Questioning if they just entertained an angel the one the bible speaks. Did they or is it the light from within. The God in me that transcends. Because you see, I can dress the outer with all the naturals and high-end beauty essentials. Yet, it is my inward parts that cannot be brought for the only remedy I've come to find for its beautification is God's own love. The love that is drenched with power and correction, transforming the very molecules of the my body's fabric is what has been arranged, for you see now ...My Beauty has Been Changed.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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