God's It Girl

 I sat today just thinking how things have shifted so quickly. How things have evolved and shaped into this beautiful thing I like to call love... The love of God. Where all things are possible and the very air kisses me daily. Where my wordplays grow continually sounding off of rose peddles of waterfalls and intensified humming birds twiddle in my ear telling me I'm more than a conqueror and greater is he that is within me then he that is in the world and by his stripes I am healed. And...and...and I know it, like I can feel its very presence and it's relevant everyday.

SJ  The New Literary It Girl has found a higher calling and has been blessed with favor and creativity at will and it is to stay. More than a second chance, I am feeling and I'm not anxious for I know everything that I deserve will find me. I am empowered by the many voices by the men and women of God. I'm inspired by my own falls for it has added a new level of life unto me, a sauce that cannot be brought. Moving me behind the scenes of preparation and development. Testing and challenging me now and then to see where I be. I be where I can feel the angels and the holy spirit dwelling inside of this imperfect body that's striving for excellence...it is me. Born to write. Created to inspire, uplift and empower. You can catch my speaking's of my old lifestyle in a relatable form of encouragement, change and growth. Utilizing my God-given talents like it's an oath, a mantra to live by. Something to sample in on the track, reaching a billboards number 1 hit song; the coming of the victory won't be long.

Striving and Pressing towards the mark of the high calling this It Girl Created by God is in my Jim Jones voice "Ballin".

So, you see it was destiny that I am here in real time at this place. During this generation. Harlem Renaissance reminiscing of the creatives that's no debating. I'm God's It Girl, now catch that pearl.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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