I’m More...

Some nights I can’t even think about falling asleep. My life is indeed amazing even at this point. Here I am up not tired nor do I want beauty rest, but I do know I feel alive, vibrant and sure. I can smell blessings. I know when they are coming. I’m living in a blessing for sure because I’m able to live out my dream. I’m more than confident enough to shift roles and diversify the many characters spinning their stories to be told. I’m more than a conqueror to overcome all and any obstacles that may lay in waiting to block, test or stop me. I’m more... I’m more than a girl who wants to say I’m an author. I’m more than the dream of this project girl's childhood dream. Father for I know any father at least a good one, no great one wants more for his child. I’m more than my mistakes, my skin color or my race. I’m more and as each day passes I can now feel my eagle wings begin to soar... I Am More.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl 


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