Jazzy Friday Summer Heat

Not, sure if I was the only person in the world that thought it was something about a Friday evening that gave me jazz, writing by the water and having a nice drink was the ultimate break into the weekend. Now, the drink part had been replaced with virgin mojito's and basically I was in search of who made them the best and at the same time, gave me the best creative space too. So far, Red Rooster located in Harlem was number 1 on my list. Yes, I was moving on with saying no to alcohol, which I had been sober for 4 1/2 months. I needed it to be this way first for God and second for myself. I wanted and needed to really feel the newness of my life and the woman and writer I had grown to be without the alcohol and honestly I was loving every thank God I woke up this morning minute.

So, its Friday and I have yet to smell its aroma of it but I was surely taking a writing break at some point this evening. I was thinking more to going and enjoy a nice virgin mojito at Haven Restaurant which is in Edgewater, NJ right down the block from me and actually one of my old favs. I think I deserve it because today was all about creating my new author page and having it launched by noon tomorrow. So, the night air and mix with people would do me some good for sure.

I was known for attracting some pretty amazing principle starring roles in a movie, so I've already decided to get dressed. I had literally been in lounge clothes since waking up this morning. That's right I haven't showered or brushed anything. I woke up thanked God, had a few calls I had to make and take and been working ever since. Honestly, I wasn't behind nor was I ahead of work. Let's just say,  I was just at the right place and during the right time. It was something unseen that was amazing in the air. Something that gave me an instant peace today and reassured me that it was done, no worries. Whispers of "just keep working and follow through with the plan I gave you" filled the capacity in my house and I was loving every minute of it. As Larry Carlton's "Don't Break My Heart" jazzed me into a winning lifetime mood.

Yup you guys, a good break around 9ish was certainly a go ahead signed deal that I am looking forward to. It's just one of those jazzy Friday summer heat nights that needs "The New Literary It Girl" in it.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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