The 2018 New Releases First Draft Picks Are In

I couldn't let 2018 come to a close with dropping some amazing new material now could I. So, that's right the 2018 New Book Release First Draft Picks are in. I must say it was very close because I've just been building my catalog of material and at the same time building myself. "Scandalous Waters" made it. This thriller is going to be a secret that even the waters can't hold. Next we have "I'm Not Going To Play House, Be Wifey, and/or Act Like We're Married" the ladies and might I add gentlemen are already asking where they can get their copy from. Then we have "Poetic Memoirs of An Incarcerated Black Princess: Revised & Extended Version" you might have read this title before but I can assure you the added revised and extended version is what was needed for all of my readers. I needed to expand more on incarceration not just from a physical stand point while inside but one of that once being released and still be mentally incarcerated to where one reaches the state of being whole. And last but sure not least, we have "The Black Portfolio: Generational Wealth" yeah I think it speaks for itself.

I'm more than confident that each one at some level will speak to a vast range of readers and if you were wondering what's in store for 2019 rest assure I'm already on it and will be releasing those First Draft Picks later in December. Until then get your mind and imagination ready for the two novels that are dropping soon, one poetry book and a major key for the single woman of God.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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