The Elevation Of A Self-Published Author Begins

I couldn't let it be, I had to receive it. #1. New York Times Best Selling Author. This Sunday, was everything I expected it to be, relaxing and yet very much powerful and rewarding. I had finally completed the financial plan as asked of me and it was finally sent. Before I did, I said a prayer and smiled as I thanked God. I had stepped into a new dimension of mastery and took myself as a self-published author to a new elevation. If I had to calculate how long it took me to get here or what I had to do and overcome, I would need to sit you in a theater because it was a movie. Over the course of a weeks span, I had fasted only eating once the sun came down and made sure my career foundation was stable and in its proper order. Because like its said in the book "The Prince" which I'm currently reading and was recommended to read by a higher up in this nations head, "We have seen above how necessary it is for a prince to have his foundations well laid, otherwise it follows of necessity he will go to ruin." Having structure in whatever business you were doing needed the upmost respect, that you make sure it was built on a solid sure proof foundation. That, I had in God and through my fasting I locked into a level that graduated me from all other levels giving me access and power to call those things as if they were. Yeah, I would say today was very much rewarding. I had a contract that I would be signing between tomorrow and Wednesday, and as odd as it seemed I still believe the encounter wasn't by chance. That is the person who I was signing the contract with.

Could it be that I was being watched all along, seeing if I was the perfect fit? Was it the powers to be advances me because I knew too much or because I knew how to disguise it in a book. Unfortunately, books tend to hold so much wealth and answers to our very problems but for some reason or another its not the first choice one goes to for the answer. Anyway, I was here, standing tall and built inwardly by the man above, God. What I knew for certain was whatever I was going to do I wasn't giving up the glory or like I like to call it "The Glory Area" because I knew what team I played for , and that was God's winning team and I also was very much aware of the evils and darkness of the enemy in this world.

Daily, I noticed the middle class was disappearing and leaving either the poor or rich classes left, even though some poor knew how to dress it up well. I was thankful for access for this freedom. One percentage of myself keep trying to feel fear but every time it did something inside swallowed it up. I didn't even feel it. I now know what the bible verse Matthew 10:16 means "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." I had a taste of it already, trying to take the glory away from me, trying to trick me out of it, even tempting with desires of my heart to steal it from me. It's like they can smell it, which only ensured me that I had the power and if I ever gave in I would lose it. I knew better now.

Margins are either low or high, mines was determined the latter. Technically, I was living in the green zone but on paper I still needed to do some multiplying to even it all out. I learned that street credit only gave access to the streets but what I was after I couldn't walk into the bank and say hey I'm so and so, I did this back in this year and I did that in that year and I'm still here in the game. Nope, they would look at me like I was crazy. I needed to prove it in their systems and have their system do the vouching for me.

All I could see was myself in my home office library surrounded by books and books of knowledge, creating best seller after best seller and really dope screenplays. Who would of thought I get here, I did, I knew it since a child. Playing in the summer nights just running around with not a care in the world. I saw myself living in luxury, and writing in wealth. But somehow The Powers to be believed I needed a hard long crash course in the opposite before giving me full access. Tonight, I would relax but starting tomorrow morning it was grind time and for sure I was not only prepared but created for such the time as this. It was New York Best Selling Author Time!

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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