Everyone Deserves A Second Chance Even A Professional Writer & Author

My apologies to all. Even us creatives need a time out. So, if you guys didn't know, my first spiritual novel "The Grace of The Anointed Publicist" has now made it to Barnes & Noble!!! That's right I'm officially a self- published author with a book in Barnes & Noble. Great accomplishment but God certainly gets all the glory indeed. At this point I'm just one Godly strategic move away from becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Now, my last posting was back in 2017 wow, we are now full speed ahead into 2018. Yes, time sure does go by fast. Since my last post, my life took one heck of a turn. I am now grateful that I not only needed it to happen but I'm still standing as a result and better mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Can I get a Praise God on that. At times, honestly I didn't believe I would ever come out but it was solely my faith in God that what He showed me in visions that kept me going. Kept me focused even when I couldn't see the way but one thing for sure God has His ways in letting you know its all going to be alright.

Now, in the midst of all that I kept my writing skills on point, adding several new writing prompts, new story lines, poems, books and rants. It is quite amazing to go through what seemed like hell and come out victorious. Even with all I was experiencing, I was blessed to bless others with my story by being invited to be a speaker at a few churches. Go figure, once again the credit goes to God indeed.

So, I close this post by saying everyone deserves a second chance even a professional writer and author. With that being said you guys, I'm so looking forward to daily engaging you with my God-given talent of writing. Good night/Good morning and God Bless. XOXO

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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