A Sunny Vibrant Introduction

   What is it about the warm weather that has the nights seem magical and the days feeling like a fairy tale. I'm not sure but I live for the warm weather, the beautiful dresses, perfect open toe sandals, positive vibes all about and of course that golden touch of luxury. 

   Allow me to introduce myself, I Am Author Shayvonne Jenkins, AKA "The New Literary It Girl" you can follow my journey on www.instagram.com/thecouturelifestyle there I will keep you posted on everything.

   Now, writing is a passion of mines and has been since a little girl, even as I type this blog post listening to the gospel song "Yes" by Shekinah Glory Ministry, my heart is fulled with love and I am all smiles. I'll drop the song's link below so you can listen to it as well.

  So, my mission is to keep you inspired through many different writing prompts. I may feel like discussing a prompt from just walking down 5th avenue or a weekend in Philly and then take you up 8th avenue to Harlem. I'll never know where I will take you but I can promise to be as good at it as I was created to.

   Through my blog, I will give you updates on about everything from writing prompts to empowering and spiritual empowerment posts to fashion and luxury and I'm even going to have some giveaways. Oh, by the way, I'm doing one now, which the deadline is May 7th, so head over to my Instagram page and hit the like button and drop a comment under the post saying Book Giveaway.

  My purpose behind this giveaway is to keep you guys focused on reaching your target goal. At times it's not easy and may even be difficult but if you can take just one step towards your dream than you just got yourself closer to making it a reality. My 2nd book titled Couture Your Life: 61 Days of Quotes That Awaken The Spirit, The Mind & The Way You Motivate Yourself Towards Success, is the perfect book to keep in your bag, at your office desk, in your car, at you nightstand, on your flight or relaxing pool side and daily jot down what step or steps you've made to get closer to your dream. I've come to find out that it's really important to complete something, your dream is just that important. Your destiny calls for it and you owe yourself to turn your dream into a reality. So, it is more than my pleasure to be able to assist one person with my new book, I pray it serves it purpose in accomplishing your dreams.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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