For The Ladies: Dating With A Purpose

Hey, ladies Happy Monday. So, I want to discuss with you today about "Dating with a Purpose" and the importance of it. As career driven women, we all have our own vision on what dating is for us, I know I do. Now what happens when your views becomes broaden, from just random dating and entertaining to dating with a purpose? Like what does it mean to date with a purpose?

Well, over this last week I became very aware of what it meant and how it effects your life. I had been randomly dating someone, just dates you know nothing serious on my end and when things took a left quickly, which I'm glad it did, I learned a lot about myself as a woman of God, and what dating with a purpose really meant. 

Time is a very precious commodity and we must utilize it wisely. I have this saying that a woman should get herself 100% together first before even entertaining a relationship or better yet even dating, especially if she knows exactly what she wants. Now, some may disagree but here is my reason why. By getting yourself together 100%, it gives you the no settle mentality. You are not willing to deal or put up with certain things that you would if you weren't 100%. I believe it is very much important for today's strong career women to get 100% before entertaining a date.

Let me expand on what I mean. Here is an example: Girl is building her brand, meets a guy who she starts dating you know, he's taking her out to restaurants, lounges, paying a few bills and, throwing cash at her. Now, with all that she really doesn't see any interest in a long time relationship or even a relationship at all, she just dealing with the situation due to lets say her financial shortage, sort of a past the time while she grinding and building. Now, it may seem that this isn't a problem but actually it is; 1. You're leading the person to believe you actually like him, when you know you don't. 2. You're wasting your time and energy, that same time entertaining that person via texts or calls you could be focusing more on your business. 3. You're settling, let's be honest when you know what you want why even settle, why waste your time or theirs when they aren't even someone you can see yourself in a relationship with or even having as a friend if you guys aren't on the same business minded or direction driven wave. All points that eventually effect you in the long run. (Trust they will effect you in the long run)

Dating with a Purpose doesn't do that, when you date with a purpose, you knowingly enter in at your best, your best Mentally, Financially, Emotionally & Spiritually which allows you to know first hand what you're looking for and most importantly what you will attract your way. You want to align yourself with a Like-Minded, Goal Orientated, Purpose Direction Individual where both of you can grow as one. Where you can actually see yourself flourishing in the relationship and that both of your paths make sense.

When a woman knows her worth and exactly what she wants in life, random dating becomes less important to her and dating with a purpose becomes more meaningful as she builds herself as God sees her and her business. There is nothing wrong with wanting, seeing better and positioning yourself to achieve that very thing. If you don't stick up for yourself and go for what you know and deserve in life than you'll always get what you settle for. Don't waste your time ladies, get yourself 100% together, go in knowing exactly what you want, what you bring to the table, what you're looking for in a man and Date With A Purpose.

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Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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