The Flattery Of A Friday

Not sure what or why, but I had agreed and there was no turning back from it. The cover was at the center of this Friday's meeting and I had already decided that I needed it. No, I wanted it and was willing to do anything to get it. To not my liking, that's what the cost was going to be. I decided to step into the role of one of my characters when I entered into the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston's Luxury Downtown area. I walked up to the front desk and softly gave them my name. I was quite shocked when I was notified that I also had an itinerary. Like itinerary? Really?? This was a meeting and yes, I knew not just the formal one but what was this itinerary about and why? I wanted whatever was in store to be over, so I could get back to home to David.

I scanned over this itinerary and noticed that Saturday morning I would be taking the morning car to Copley Place Shopping Gallery where a personal shopper would be taking me to Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus and Christian Dior. We will then lunch at the Artisan Bistro and our evening would be spent at The Opera House. Tonight's meeting would be held in The Mason Room right here in the hotel followed later with just Thomas and I having dinner at the Grill 23 & Bar. Clearly he had decided what my day would concise of even though I didn't have any plans of making this meeting more than a day. Instantly, I needed a drink and a by any means necessary fix if I was going to survive and score on this meeting. The Presidential Suite was my present destination but I decided to let the bell guy bring my things up to the room as I headed straight for the nearest bar.

The Avery Bar was the perfect setting with it's acoustic entertainment and cosmopolitian air, that got my creative juices flowing right off the back. Maybe this quick get away is just what my mind needed for a re-boot.

"A Dirty Please" I told the bartender, which consisted of Ketel One Vodka, Olive Juice & a Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive. Taking a sip I was more than pleased with my decision. I decided that with the array of celebrities and business executives this can be the start to the perfect place to mix and mingle. Scrolling through my phone, I sent David a text that I was thinking of him which I was and he didn't waste anytime on responding back telling my to have a successful meeting. My answer was simply I planned too. Thomas must have been notified by the front desk of my whereabouts because here it was the bartender was handing me the phone, like honestly couldn't he just call my cell.

"Good day my love, I am highly anticipating our very intimate meeting, I hope my making arrangements for tomorrow doesn't interfere with anything you might have had planned. Also, my love, I won't be flying in until 2 possibly 3 hours but I'm more than sure your accommodations will keep you entertained until I arrive. I need you to call the personal shopper her name is Jennifer and give her all your sizes for tomorrow's shopping. Her card is upstairs in the suite on the desk. I'm hoping that you're enjoying The Avery Bar, great place to socialize which I'm sure you're doing and amazing cocktails as well. Also my dear, the photographer will be in tomorrow for the cover shoot so don't let me down. That will be all for now see you shortly."Thomas said and without me getting one word in, he had hung up. Men and their money and power status, I tell you. Oh, I didn't plan on letting him down tonight that's for sure, I would make sure I deliver on just the right punishment for his behavior though. But for now, I would enjoy my drink and mingle with the prospectives. I might as well because come Monday morning my face would grace both The New York Times Newspaper and their website. Just the thought of it made me turn back to the bar server as I ordered myself a bottle of Dom Perignon, the lobster tacos, the lemon berry tart and notified him that I would be taking a seat over in the corner by the fire place as I enjoyed the itimate sensual music that filled the atmosphere.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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    1. Your feedback darling is amazing. Thank you for taking the time out to review my new blog, as well getting to know who and what SJ is all about. Make sure you continue to follow, I promise to delivery and keep you very much satisfied. Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl. Muah


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