Pre New York Times Best Selling Author Thoughts

I sat at my desk over looking the view from my condo in an utter daze. I had some long hard thinking to do. I wasn't determined to make head lines from a scandal. No, certainly not how I wanted my introduction into becoming New York Times Best Selling Author to be. I mean for all of that I could of been just... well never mind. I had a story, several actually that were riveting, ones that had meaning and purpose. Oscar Worthy. Big Screen, Big Budget.  Quality work that made people think and want to be inspired and empowered. But deep down, I wanted to add a bit of suspense, action and excitement to their lives even if it was just through a book. I needed to pull them in, give them an upclose and personal front row seat to what Politics, Wealth, Power, A Corrupted Judicial System, Greed, Control, Lies, The Black Market, International Crime & Scandal looked like and saute' it with just the right olive oil and seasonings that it simmered to a slow cook of a mouth watering entree.

Ha, I thought as I broke out of my daze, allowing my Nordstrom black velour floor dragging robe to sway with a flow of ambition. I knew the time was coming when I would be exposing Fall 2017 just that, a Mouth Watering Entree, with all the right sides of course.

Now, don't get me wrong I wasn't going to spill anyone's personal business for my own gain. That would be too easy of a win for me. I loved a challenge and I dared myself to create organic content but I would be inspired through the various lives of people I knew and knew of, situations throughout the world and my vivid imagination.

I wasn't aiming to be James Patterson my loves, my target was too be better.

Night Nite, I have a Grand B-Day Event that's happening tonight in Edgewater that I must attend my loves. Until Later...

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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