No Ordinary Love...

Who would of thought that I would let scandal win the game. I thought I was stronger than this but I now it seems I'm not. Or was it that I was intrigued by it. It was like a drug, that would keep me wanting to reach it's peak ecstasy or pinnacle. This wasn't no ordinary love it seemed, as I allowed Sade to play seductively through the surround sound as David and I were lost in it's own freedom. The floor to ceiling windows had painted an art of intimacy that neither of us wanted to get out. I the Author him the NFL Superstar Athlete both with secrets, both enticed by the allure of the bright lights and glitz of it all.

We had what seemed to be something forbidden, something untouched but yet very much needed for both of our survivals. He became an antidote for me and I his outlet. We laid in silk milk white sheets pairing at the full moon that night. I had said yes before the question was even asked and just like that things changed. My mental expanded with a burst of colors all mixed perfectly as any of the greatest to do it: Picasso, Leonardo, Matisse, to Warhol who like David was such a coquette but I believe that night that was the very attraction. I couldn't see it, I allowed the art of the story to blind me but maybe deep down I knew already. Maybe that was my missing link, having another half that could inspire me pass my pain, pass whatever hidden scares I carried in this fight or maybe just maybe it was that we were one alike.

That night we connected in a way I have never connected with a man before. Mentally & spiritually entwined without any sexual interuption. How could two people connect in such a way. His decor, His smell, His story, My story, Was everything that night. Remarkable, Intensifying an Utter Spectacle.

Art of Seduction was never thought of in this game. David had known me, he had researched me and that night we meet I was the HUNTED. I had become the bait in his own scandalous game and I was fully in from inception. They say be careful what you ask for. I Say Always Be Ready When It Comes. And just like the glitch in any system, if I was being forcefully pulled into the suspense I damn sure was going to play the game my own way. I thought as I rested my head on his smooth chest and closed my eyes. This wasn't any ordinary Love...

Signed Sj The New Literary It Girl


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