The Day After No Pill

It was quite to my surprise that last night's dinner was going to be so rewarding.  David who had later informed me of his name, (I'll let you guys google to find out what team he plays for) was more than a character but a whole book in itself. But we'll chat about that in a few. So, I had excuse myself to the ladies room to powder my noise and not literally and it seemed between David and the two women that didn't seem to care that they were not in the bathroom alone. I couldn't tell who storyline was better. Trust it didn't bother me one bit my loves when I over heard how a certain rapper that just signed a large deal and a certain Instagram rising starlet had been having an affair with a certain R&B Diva who name I will not say at the time who has now found out of said affair and has just arrived to the very same restaurant that we are all currrently at. Nothing new, I've come to realize where money is scandal, drama and someone trying to come up will always be right around the corner. As if I wasn't getting  more than a mouth full from my DM's already with Pastors, Preachers, Known Millionaires, Disclousers forms and Married men acting like they were single wasn't enough. Shit honestly the characters I was more intrigued with was the ones that seem to be uncovered, unreachable, prominent folk, reality tv can deal with that other mess I was in search of the prize. I mean honestly all I was looking for was some new characters but instead I was forming new books it seemed.

David was someone that after last night, I decided to keep around. I explained to him that I was a writer and a published author which he said that he loved a woman that was all about her business and if there was anything he could do within his power he would more than gladly do for me. He was a sweetheart to say the truth but just like me he had broke some rules to get his firm position in the NFL League and wasn't bent out of shape because he did. But the type of rules David was breaking left him paranoid to who would expose him which I'm still figuring out why he told me so much, someone who he had barely known especially after I told him what my profession was.

Whatever his reason or purpose we ended the night with the exchanging of numbers and David decided that he needed to compensate me for my time of allowing him to vent and transferred a disclosed amount of 5 figures into my bank account. Yeah that right 5 figures. Seemed more like hush money to me but once I check my banking app to verify the transfer it was all there.

What was I attracting into my life, recently men of high accord were reaching out to me with offers nothing shy of a scandal but why? What was it about me that allowed them to have so much trust in me.

Here it was David had revealed to me a storyline that would instantly make me a millionaire shit a billionaire and decides to compensate me with a 5 figure compensation and oh I almost forgot a breakfast date and shopping at Berdoff Goodman in the morning.

Well my loves it's Thursday evening and tonight I've decided to stay in to finish up this novel that everyone has been waiting on and also so that I can be fully freshed face for Friday morning breakfast and shopping with David.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl.


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