Another Day, Another Dollar And Another Scandal

Funny as it seems my loves, I sat at the bar this evening sipping on quite the cocktail as I brainstormed for the ending of this scandalous Thriller I'll be dropping this fall. But between me receiving an email from eBay that I just had a customer purchased one of my listed items and this Gorg tall glass of milk that was now one seat closer to me, I didn't know what was exciting me more.

Characters I needed characters with spunk, charm and hidden secrets enough so that even a Wilhelmina Model couldn't keep the book down. His vibe was strong or was it that my good friend Marc had hooked me up knowing that all my book writing and coming up with storyline catchers had me on edge. Whatever it was, it seemed that my new character had decided to entice me with his thoughts as he turned and said "Good evening, sorry to disturb you but I just moved over here to Edgewater, I play for the NFL and I... I just couldn't keep my eyes off you. Would you mind having dinner with me I don't feel like eating alone tonight."he said in a tone that was cue enough that this new Edgewater residence had some underlined hidden scandal for sure.

I decided to play coy a bit, always always be a lady and never ever let anyone see you sweat.

"Thanks for the offer but I have dinner plans already" I said in a soft tone as I tossed my freshly soft curls to the side.

"Forgive me, where are my manners I just had a long day and for some reason you seemed like someone I could have a great conversation with. My apologizes again" the unname fine piece of everything stated as I read his grey eyes searching every bit of his soul.

Poor baby what did the Infamous RiverRoad do to him already. I chuckled to myself as I decided to take him up on his offer and find out.

Hmmm, well my loves let me get to a night of conversation, cocktails and confessions over dinner. Enjoy ya'll evenings.

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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