Because It's Monday...

...I changed my daily routine and started to wake up with a praise in my spirit first, regardless to what I was experiencing. My Sunday was excellent, simply a movie filled with glory, lights and action. I had previously fought a war and not only won but attained the victory and right after, got hit with a mean K.O. that I have to admit I saw coming. It bodied me literally too. I mean I was sick, I recall sitting on the train it a sheet of sweat as the train was stuck in the tunnel for more minutes than I was comfortable with. At first, I thought anxiety but no, I knew what was taking place. That sneak yet seeing the K.O. coming my way had did it. I was a champion wounded in the corner with my coach still by my side, telling me everything was to going be ok even though it sure didn't feel like it. 

The following day was yet added footage for my never ending movie. I fasted yet again on nothing but fruits and water because I felt a huge urge to flush out my system and read a bit more into the Kind David story once he committed sin. I made sure to stay obedient to what my spirit was telling me and guiding me towards. I couldn't afford to miss nothing, my very success not just financially but overall existence was determined upon every obedient move. That K.O. was a hard yet thankful blow of a lesson and honestly had pushed me to a higher level of self awareness that I don't believe I would had received if that blow didn't take place.

So, this Monday was like a renewing, yesterday's service was more than on point. Bishop prophesied some major moves in my life that would be taking place now. Like no more waiting, I had now stepped into the now. Now, it is done. Now, you are approved and so on. For the first time in a long time, I was in my dream, like living it. As an acknowledged author, as a professional writer and now one with a Doctor as my Editor. Yeah, "The New Literary It Girl" now has an editor who happens to be an accomplished and established doctor in practice for more than 30years. So, you get my surprise when Dr.Bernadette Sheridan wanted to meet me in person but you can check out today's post on my Instagram @thecouturelifestyle to get some of that story.

So, here I am currently in the library of my building about to publish todays blog post for you guys. It's 2:45pm and as of waking this morning I've had a pretty blessed day if I say so my self. But the day isn't over as of yet, I still have tones of work to complete on today everything leading up to me being a New York Times Best Selling Author.

In my Couture Your Life Book of Quotes, which is sold on and, I teach the importance of everyday being used to and for the betterment of self, the betterment of getting closer to your success. Everyday, should bring you one step closer because little moves do equate to the whole. Never forget that. Stay Obedient. Stay Faithful. Stay Disciplined. Stay Prayed Up. Do Good. Do Right By People. If possible correct all wrongs. Keep yourself whole. Love who you are. Read, read and read some more because it's instant access to power and applying that power is the key. Know that God, sure enough is real. Most importantly love, love, and love some more. People need it. Love is what we all need. 

Stay blessed...

Signed SJ The New Literary It Girl


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